Biden DUI No felony No Deportation

Yesterday Joe Biden said something that is so outrageous it needs to be discussed.

Joe claimed that DUI is not a felony and he would not deport an illegal who was convicted of a DUI.

Society has been trying to get DUI out of the acceptable realm and punished for the catastrophic risk that it creates.

Apparently Joe went back 40 years and this is especially appalling considering the circumstances with the accident of his first wife.

Former vice president Joe Biden said Monday that “I don’t count drunk driving as a felony” during a Vice News panel on minority issues, despite falsely claiming for years that his first wife and daughter were killed by a drunk driver.

Biden’s comments came after he was asked “what exact changes would you bring to ICE as an agency,” and he responded by saying he would fire an agent who tried to deport an undocumented immigrant not charged with a felony.

“You change the culture by saying you are going to get fired. You are fired if, in fact, you do that. You only arrest for the purpose of dealing with a felony that’s committed, and I don’t count drunk driving as a felony,” Biden said.

It is my hope that MADD and many other advocacy groups do NOT let Joe get away with this callous position.

People lose their 2nd amendment rights over multiple DUI, so I think deporting illegal residents for DUI is appropriate. It is a problem.


DUI generally isn’t a felony unless you have an accident causing injury or property damage.

The exception to that would be in some states where it can be a felony for repeat offenders with I think three or more convictions.


I disagree with Biden on this.

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Damn I hope Joe wins the lib’s nomination.

I disagree with this. DUI is a very serious offense and should be treated with a heavy hand.


In PA it is only 2. I think the BAC can raise a first offense to felony.

Technically a first offense may not be a felony. The question is whether this is good policy.

Not too many people still call this drunk driving. Driving while impaired is more accurate.

It is an incredibly callous stance to take…especially for anyone who has been injured or killed by an impaired illegal.


I know people that have had a DUI and turned their lives around. I also know people that haven’t and continued down their destructive path. I really don’t have a strong opinion on this because of these life experiences. I think two DUIs should automatically get you deported, but one could be enough depending on the situation. If you have many people supporting you through rehab, I would be okay with a second chance.

I also know Canada doesn’t even allow you in their country if you have had a single DUI. It is up to each country to formulate their policy.

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No argument from me, I’m just pointing out that generally DUI isn’t a felony.

Illegals need to be removed as they are fund period, felony or not.


Yeah, in Michigan a DUI isn’t a felony until the third one.

OK. My point is that even a first DUI offense is a second strike for someone who has eschewed immigration law.

US residency is so valuable this person does not get a third strike for deportation.


I got curious about this and looked up Georgia’s laws. It doesn’t look like a DUI becomes a felony in GA until the 4th DUI conviction. I’m a bit surprised by that.

In PA a second DUI also causes a person to lose their right to a firearm.

Not just CCW…All firearms.

Deporting first time illegal DUI offenders is appropriate.

Deporting first time illegal offenders is consistent with a tough stance on DUI.


I am also.

That is very lenient.


How do you feel about the roaches who like to rub his hairy legs? :sunglasses:

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Oh and here I thought this was a serious contribution.

My bad. :wink:

Spot on.

This is doubly callous on the part of Biden, especially since he wrongfully accused Curtis Dunn, the driver of the truck involved in the accident that took the life of Biden’s first wife and daughter, of being a drunk driver when Dunn most assuredly was not.

In fact by all accounts Dunn was distraught over the accident for the rest of his life and this was a terrible and an unnecessary lie told by Biden.


Hey if this is how you get your kicks in what was shaping up to be one of those rare occasions we have a serious discussion going on with rare across the aisle agreement…more power to you.

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