Biden doubles down on the "fine people" hoax

Have you ever heard this president say one negative thing about white supremacists? Have you ever heard it? --Joe Biden, August 27, 2020

He went on to recount the fine-people hoax and claimed that Trump has never condemned David Duke.

see video starting at :30

Here is compilation of Trump’s condemnation of white supremacist groups and David Duke from 2019:

Is Biden lying? Or is he so blinded by his own hatred of Trump he is unable to see the truth?

Is Anderson Cooper complicit in the hoax for not challenging Biden on the facts?

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Biden has ratcheted up the false claims. Now he is explicitly claiming that Trump has never condemned white supremacists, not just falsely claiming that Trump called them fine people.

What do you wanna bet the Kid Sniffer doesn’t want to debate those lies on live TV with the President of the United States?


With the implicit support of fake-news CNN.

What is next? Biden claiming that Adolf Hitler led storm troopers into Charlottesville to the cheers of Trump and his supporters?

Biden is seriously deluded.


their reality is purely the bs they get their brainwashed to believe, despite what is out in the wide open for them to see

biden also said he prays to god for a virus, so…


If Biden is not lying then logically he is either delusional or he has surrounded himself with people who have shielded him from the truth.

How can he be capable of handling the responsibilities as president if he and/or his advisors are unable or unwilling to recognize something that is so obviously factually wrong.

He has made an obvious falsehood the foundation of his whole campaign. This is not some minor gotcha from a fact-checker.


Amazing :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s stunning to me how thoroughly brainwashed the right wing has its supporters that they continually claim we all didn’t see what we saw when it’s all on video tape.

Turning half a story into a talking point. Clever and Trump’s uneducated won’t take notice.

It’s literally on tape. Cons are arguing reality now. :rofl:

Did you watch the second video in the OP?

How can Biden say that Trump has “never said one negative thing about white supremacists”?

That is a “pants-on-fire” falsehood. If Biden isn’t lying it is only because he is so demented and/or delusional that he does not understand what the truth is.

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Trumpsters now care about lying?:joy::joy::joy::joy: