Biden doesn't need 270...IOW...why the push for dueling electors

The relevant section from the Constitution:

The person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed

The key word there is “appointed”.

That means the number of electors selected by the individual states and sent to Washington DC to vote.

If a state failed to appoint its electors in time (safe harbor date this year is Dec 8) then Congress could choose to accept those electors who were appointed, and a majority of THEM would all that would be required to elect the President.

So say Trump wins North Carolina and gets to 232 (Biden having 306).

All Biden would need to win is 233.

He would still have that if Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin…the key states under dispute…all failed to appoint electors.

Not that this would ever happen…but if it did, Biden still wins.

This is why there have been calls from key Trump supporters to have the states who have GOP legislatures, like Pennsylvania, to select a Trump-favoring slate of electors and send them to Washington. As opposed to simply make states miss their election certifications and send no one there.

Just a bit of political trivia there.

Far out.*

*in the realm of possibilities sense, not the vintage slang sense.

Oh it’s absolutely not going to happen.

It was just a way of showing the reasoning behind why there are calls for GOP legislatures to send rival electors to Washington to vote.

This can not work either because electors are from a pool depending on which party won that state. The slate of electors are picked ahead of time by each party. And when you vote for Biden/Harris you are actually voting for the slate of electors who have pledged to cast their votes for that party. So all this talk about changing electors is not possible.

I know.

If they tried, Congress would be in its full power to reject the Trump slate.

Well you should move to SC and run for Senate because current idiot we have that just got reelected is out there harping about GOP states sending Trump electors even if Biden won.