Biden celebrates a full year of the two-weeks-to-flatten-the-curve lockdowns

Biden will celebrate the first anniversary of the draconian two-weeks-to-flatten-the-curve lockdowns tonight in a prime-time address. My fantasy is that the teleprompter stops working and he starts actually telling the truth. Similar things have happened in the past as with his comments about the “most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization” and telling voters “I don’t need you”.
For background see At last we have a president who is brutally honest - Politics - Hannity Community

Here are few possibilities about what an unleashed Biden might say:

Could he thank Cuomo for hiding the numbers on nursing-home deaths until after the election?

Could he thank the blue-state governors for tanking the economy and rigging election laws in ways that were invaluable to his voter fraud organization? Were these essential ingredients in Biden’s election?

Will he give a shout out to Dr. Eric Topol for his tireless efforts to successfully torpedo pre-election approval of the Pfizer vaccine?

Will he thank President Xi for willingly sacrificing thousands of his own citizens to spread the COVID virus to the US? Was that an effort to defeat the evil deplorables who want to put America first, the common enemy of China and the Biden administration?

The list could go on. Does anyone have suggestions?

Will celebrating lockdowns-forever become an annual event?


Great list!

If the libs have their way celebrating lock downs(and keeping them in place) will become an independent event.

Doubt the American people will put up with that however.

Remember back in March-April when the story was that Trump’s COVID response was the best in the world?

My how the story has changed.

Now today’s right wing is reduced to scapegoating someone who wasn’t even in power at the time.

Again and again, members of the Party of Personal Responsibility blame other people for their mistakes and woes.

All done without even a hint of irony or self-reflection.


I was hiding in my basement with kids rubbing my hairy legs and I know about roaches.

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Really? It appears to me that due to Trump and operation warp speed, people are being vaccinated at a record pace.


Maybe we could just be happy the vaccine deployment is going well and hope for the best moving forward.


and calling trumps attempts to actually do something as racist while democrats chased impeachment like maniacs

only non-idiots see this tho

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Yes, it interesting to watch the video from March 2, 2020 in New York, that is discussed in another thread. Cuomo and the De Blasio spend a lot of time bragging about how New York has the best medical system in the world and the virus is no big deal. Of course the big story at the time was the sham impeachment.

Trust the experts - Politics - Hannity Community

In spite of draconian lockdowns that put most of the state under house arrest, 21% of the City of New York tested positive for antibodies to the virus by late April.

New York City has among the highest COVID death rates in the world with almost 30,000 deaths. That is 10 times the number reported from the original outbreak in Wuhan, a city of similar size. Is New York uniquely incompetent?


Ah, the good old days when we had 15 cases and it would soon be zero. Or the knowledge that we only had around 500 cases, while the flu killed a whopping 37,000 people every year and was thus much worse.

But, we could rest in the knowledge that we had groundbreaking cures for Covid such as disinfectant or a drug for malaria.

Good times!

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ha yeah the journalists really tore into that

give that guy a tv award statue!

no one said that we had cures

leave the rewriting of history to the “news”

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Well, at least now that Trump is gone we can all admit it leaked from the lab.

Things that make you say…hmmmmmmmm.

Do you think that hydroxychloroquine use here in the US was railed against, because Trump was for it? Look at the video above Zantax just posted. The WHO denied that the Wuhan lab was where this virus originated because that’s what Trump was saying.

Death rates in countries that rely on hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for the treatment of Covid-19 appear to be dramatically lower than death rates in countries that discourage the use of the drug. A new study claims that the death rate in the countries that used HCQ early on was 79% lower than in countries where the drug was not used. (


Did you not actually read the opinion piece you linked? :rofl:

“It is far too early to determine how this particular study will hold up.”

“…the naysayers who assert – quite correctly – that there are no definitive studies that HCQ works…”


This opinion piece is clearly regurgitbleet sheople food.

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…and yet, it’s from November of 2020…long into this pandemic where there is plenty of data that supports their study.

And yet, he still said it. :sunglasses:

Here is the condensed version; A detailed analysis of the c19 Study is far beyond the ability of this author. The fact is that the study is currently being attacked by scientists and other experts – as it should be. However, the point is that many countries claim that HCQ works, and the truth of this claim is largely being ignored by a biased media and self-serving politicians.

You really should eat at a place besides a sheople trough. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Along with policy and pride, it seems that the GOP has lost shame

And yet the same author said “It is far too early to determine how this particular study will hold up.” and “…the naysayers who assert – quite correctly – that there are no definitive studies that HCQ works…”

:rofl: :rofl:

Thanks for linking to an opinion piece, though. The article provided a good laugh for me this morning.


They latched onto the crazies and failed to hold them and themselves accountable… and that’s why they lost the House, Senate and the White House.