Biden camp cancels multiple Texas events after a "Trump Train" surrounded a campaign bus

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is looking into a Friday incident in which a group of Trump supporters, driving trucks and waving Trump flags, surrounded and followed a Biden campaign bus as it drove up I-35 in Hays County, a law enforcement official confirmed to The Texas Tribune Saturday.
The confrontation, captured on video, featured at least one minor collision and led to Texas Democrats canceling three scheduled campaign events on Friday. The campaign officials cited “safety concerns” for the cancellations.

Trump’s take?

Each day, a new low.

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What was the safety concern?

It wasn’t clear in the article.

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“Rather than engage in productive conversation about the drastically different visions that Joe Biden and Donald Trump have for our country, Trump supporters in Texas [Friday] instead decided to put our staff, surrogates, supporters, and others in harm’s way,”

If this isn’t a load of bull feces? There was no danger. These Trump supporters were simply driving their vehicles and were all around the Biden bus. So what? There’s no guns. There’s no violence like in lib cities. There’s no arson. There’s no destruction of personal property. There’s no looting. All they did was have Trump flags waving from their vehicles. When it comes to failure…libs own it and they’re taking many American cities down with them.

Thank goodness that Trump’s about to win another election. :sunglasses:


Car wrecks. Read it again.

Local PD said there was not even a traffic citation.

More fake news and making Trump supporters the bad people.


“at least one minor collision”

Good advice.

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No citations and a fender bender…that may have been the Biden supporters fault.

That all you have?

As sad as Joe screaming the suckers and losers lie and trying to make it out that Beau Biden was the target of the lie.

Use Beau and hide Hunter and lie lie lie…

Looked like a peaceful protest to me


On the interstate. ANY collision at interstate speeds is life threatening.

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this is the texas gop’s official response when asked about it

“Where is the liberal corporate media’s concern about that real violence?” “It is more fake news and propaganda. Prepare to lose…stop bothering me.”

today the trumpers are planning a “trump train” car rally a couple miles from my house. guest speakers include alex jones . that tells you all you need to know about the GOP and why they need to be not only defeated lose by a landslide


Defending the indefensible, per usual :wink:


For the most part, I dont care.

The Biden group thinks they are entitled to get everyones attention and everyone should listen to them, and think like them. Spare me. I can show numerous articles where trump supporters were assaulted, had their property taken, and some even shot. Why? All because the left think they are entitled. You guys drip with condescension, superiority, and arrogance. Try practicing just a little humility and you might actually gain some supporters.

I would of thought you guys would of learned something from running Hillary. Instead, you continue on with the same type of campaign. All Americans are stupid and beneath you. We should all compromise and do it your way. What a message.


Intimidation is cool.


…and this is the very first sentence of the bull feces you posted. :sunglasses:

Supporters of President Donald Trump allegedly harassed a Joe Biden-Kamala Harris bus as it traveled through Central Texas on Friday, according to local Democratic activists.


Eating from the sheople trough, per usual. :sunglasses:

You ever watch Truck dashcam compilations and wonder why other drivers act like that?

Look no further than those who will defend the this. It takes a special kind of suicidal pettiness. Indefensible.


Looks perfectly fine to me. What will the left do if Trump visits Portland? Think they will be as peaceful as the Trump supporters here that you showed the pics of?


…and yet, as so many that lean left are destroying and looting businesses across the country, you’re more vocal in condemning this simple act of people displaying their patriotism, not intending to harm anyone…than all of the other destructive acts combined. INDEFENSIBLE!


Hitting another car on the interstate is peaceful?

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