Biden bans Trump from security briefings

Good. Trump is unfit.


He wouldn’t be reading them anyway.
He didn’t do so as President… why start now?


Biden is the one that is unfit.

Spiteful old bastard too.

Every move Biden makes is the wrong one.

Old news BTW…


“I am an optimist”

Haha haha and ha.

Every move eh?

So far.

Can you name one beneficial thing he did that was original and benefitted the US rather than global interests?

My optimistic take is that Biden will ruin the D brand for swing voters. The D have a much thinner bench than the R for national office.

Biden speaking cadence and delivery is that of a low energy walking corpse and quite difficult to observe for me.

It is becoming an open joke that Biden claims to want to reach across to R and then does what he can with his D thin margin with ZERO R support.

Trump was no where near as autocratic.


The last line destroyed any possible response to this post. There is nothing i can say or give you examples of that will breach that position.

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Biden is the authoritarian. He has the razor wire compound to prove it.


May be it is weak. I wasn’t going to really address your position after that little conclusion

The compound was always there. The razor wire hasn’t been there for a month … and it wasn’t around the White House.

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Try MSNBC looking for content…invokes trump.

Geist was joined by contributor Yamiche Alcindor and reporter Julia Ainsley in discussing the blackout amid the ongoing migrant crisis. He questioned the Biden administration’s approach to border media coverage and compared it to former President Donald Trump’s, saying, “if it had been the Trump administration we would be rightly outraged.”

Media blackout…Authoritarian.

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Did you miss the last 4 years?


The Biden admin has screwed the pooch on the border crisis.

What does that have to do with our exchange?

I do miss the last President.

The current one looks broken…about to crash for good.

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Low IQ people are mostly the ones who act like royalty when they get elected to offices.

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Compared to the Bidens? :rofl:

Trump needs intelligence briefing is like trump needing an exercise room. Waste of time.

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Gotta protect that Establishment at all costs. lol


Biden is POTUS and needs to be kept up to speed.


This is just plain common sense. Trump was always reckless with classified info, used insecure communications, just a loose cannon. Remember early on in his presidency at when he was in the open reviewing classified info with cell phone lights, outdoors, all sorts of people waking around, just comically bad.

It won’t have any negative effect, the only interest in any classified info Trump would have is if he could make a little money on it.

I remember when banning former from security briefings was “OUTRAGEOUS!!!”

Oh well.

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Even if J’Biden voluntarily shared “classified info” with DJT, why would Team Trump even consider the “briefings” to be credible?
Considering events that have been taking place since Jan 20th? ‘Ol Joey from Scranton might just be getting info selected by others himself!
Now, let’s all head up to Camp David for some Tapioca!

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