Biden appointment of judges

Biden and dems moving quickly to appoint federal judges. They need to continue this pace and fill all the openings before next midterm. Get it done!!

I call BS on that. Trump McConnell didn’t leave much open for Biden. :rofl:

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There are current open appointments. And no one knows how many retirements there might be coming up.

As I said…Trump and McConnell didn’t leave very many open.

There was something like 279…plus or minus if my memory serves me correct when Trump came into office.

McConnell shut Obama regime down after republicans took control of the senate.

  1. Obama appointed 320. Biden stands to appoint 84.

Looks like Trump loses to the Biden-Obama awesomeness complex yet again.

Trump did appoint most in 4 years.

Another reason the country is lucky he didn’t win second term.

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But you have to admit that Trump filled a lot of bench seats in one term. Of course it did cause McConnell’s desk to be filled with about 435 bills that never made committee. And the lack of taking up bills other then the basics to keep the country operating showed in the Senate’s falling approval numbers.

I don’t deny that at all. I posted to push back on Conan’s smug attitude.

Roger that. 10-4 Rubber Duck.

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Does each Biden appointed judge burn?

Push back on what…may statement stands. Trump didn’t leave many seats available and that’s a fact.

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And once repugs take the senate in 2022…they better shut Biden down.

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True enough. As was pointed out to us by a learned former poster, a lot of judges waited until biden took office and then took senior status. Thus opening up a judgeship for biden to appoint.

It’s really that simple.


If his judge appointments are as good as his VP selection, “we” are in trouble?

Nah. We survived trump judges. You’ll survive biden ones.


If that’s your take, that’s a truly sorrowful one.

wonder who’s actually picking these judges

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Well we certainly know who picked the trump judges.


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The heritage foundation