Biden and Iran "peace" deal thwarted by Israel

It seems that Israel is getting rid of Iranian ability to enrich uranium before Biden capitulates to give Iran the blanket of the Obama era peace deal.

I hope Israel and the signatories of the Abraham accords don’t consider Biden’s allying with Iran an act of hostility towards them.

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I can never understand WHY the US sides with Israel.

trump shouldn’t have pulled out of the agreement.

That poor terrorist-sponsoring nation.


Oh I don’t know, they’re one of the few countries in that part of the world that shares at least some of our western values.

Iran used to be a good ally, too. Iranians are Persians, not Arabs. They were fully modern people who adopted many western culture traits and combined it with secular Islamic values. Many of which I even get and respect. It was a beautiful country, a steadfast US ally, and a good vacation spot for Americans until 1979 happened.

Then the nutters who followed Khomeini got too big for their britches and decided to forcibly take power. Shah wasn’t a great dude, but he was nowhere near as ruthless as the Mullahs.


One side chants “death to America” before each parliamentary meetings the other doesn’t. Then there is the whole fatwah thing going after westerners for the past 50 years for not saying the right the about the prophet.


This ignores all of Ajax, the Shah’s SAVAK, and the cumulative blowback.

Compared to the Mullahs, the Shah was nothing.

Khomeini and his crowd were far more brutal than the Shah’s government ever dreamed of being.

I mean, they were executing Air Force personnel during the revolutionary consolidation period. Imprisoning the rest. They were too tainted by western values since most of them had been exchange pilots in the US Air Force for years. They were lucky that Iraq invaded and the Islamic government got desperate and decided they needed them whether they were tainted or not.

So, this fails to address, completely, how Mossadegh was toppled and how the Shah’s secret police tormented a population into backing the Ayatollahs.

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Never said the CIA was justified in what they did.

Also, while the majority of the Iranian population were fed up with the shah, the Khomeinists were a small minority. Mostly radical clerical students. They could have just as easily ended up with a communist government, since they were revolting at the same time.

And it pains me to say this, but the communists probably would have been the better of the two options. At the very least they would have most likely collapsed in the future since communist intellectuals tend to fail spectacularly when forced to transfer theory into economic practice.

Would have certainly been better for us in the long run. Communists can be negotiated with.

The difference between someone who just wants to stay in power and someone who has a “cause” to purify the world.

How can Democrats get their payola if pay to play is disrupted?

A lot of is driven by American Christians’ Apocalyptic belief system where the Jews have to be in Israel so during the Rapture they can be all thrown into a lake of hellfire.