Biden agrees to summit with Putin under conditions

Sec Blinken is to discuss to potential of a summit on Monday with his Russian counterpart. The conditions for the summit are that it only happens if Russia doesn’t attack Ukraine. I seem to remember a country in 1941 holding diplomatic meetings with the US to avoid conflict. In fact they had a meeting scheduled in DC with the Secretary of State that was supposed to start just minutes before they attacked Pearl Harbor. Putin is more than happy to keep Biden talking right up until he attacks Ukraine.

Biden and Putin agree to ‘principle’ of summit discussing Ukraine


It might be that Putin has realized that he has painted himself into a corner and wants out. I think that he thought we would bow down and pledge no NATO expansion. I think that Ukraine has sent a clear message that they are willing and ready to fight back any invasion. Perhaps the optics of body bags is hitting Putin hard. I am hoping that this all ends soon. And I think it will.

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You really think a trained KGB officer, who has his GRU poison individuals with radioactive materials and nerve agents is worried about body bag images?


Yup. Look at where he stands. Russia’s economy is the size of Italy’s. That is pathetic considering the size of the country. He has been failing on the economic front for years and if he attacks we are going to hit him with banking sanctions that will wreck any standing his banks and industry has in the world.

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You’re correct about the size of Russia’s GDP the problem with sanctions is our biggest trading partner the pandemic bat spreading concentration camp connoisseurs are already throwing an economic lifeline to Putin directly in the wests face. If anyone needs a reminder on why China sucks and is the biggest threat in the big picture you’re in the ballpark. Russia has at best the means to move on a country like the Ukraine, China on the other hand will pass the U.S. in the near term future as richest country, and they are a bunch of sadists.

They already announced a 117.5 billion dollar oil deal with Russia.

"The new deals will not help Russia with the current crisis — gas will not start flowing over a new pipeline to China for at least two years — but Beijing can increase purchases of Russian hydrocarbons under existing arrangements.

Nonetheless, Beijing’s message to the United States and others was unmistakable. “The Russian and Chinese governments have made clear to the world that their joint confrontation with the United States will include a strategy of taking care of each other’s needs,”


I have been involved in China High Tech business with the west since the late 1970’s. And China knows that it can not succeed financially without the US. They can flaunt their link to Russia for military arms. And we will pay attention to that. But as far as the import and export of goods from China we do have a strong hand to play.

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We only have the Biden administration’s word that Putin ever intended to invade Ukraine. And like, they’ve never made stuff up.
For all we know it could just be a Russian military exercise /war game to see how adversaries would react.

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Let’s hope that’s correct the sheer amount of videos posted all over Twitter showing convoy after convoy of military equipment being brought on three fronts of the Ukrainian border would be a massive bluff that fooled the world.

I am hoping some diplomacy happens and they leave Ukraine alone. Worried that doesn’t happen though.

I guess the shelling for the last 3 days is a figment of our imagination.

And Biden should be doing…what, precisely, until then?

Is Russia planning a surprise attack in the US or NATO allies where we are going to be caught unawares or something?

Yes, actually.

He doesn’t rule Russia with such an iron fist that he is above having to worry about public opinion.

You better talk nice about China many Leftist elites make millions off of them!

Make up your minds. Is Biden wagging the dog or is Putin playing BIden?

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It’s both.

You see it is a heads I win, tails you lose world of politics now. No matter what Biden does… it will be the wrong thing.


Tactically this is really stupid.

There is that.

Think about it.

Is this a tactical move?

There is your answer.

Clever boys. They probably thought no one would notice them playing both sides.

Brandon gets dunked…again.


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Agreed- The Russia/Chinese axis is going to seriously challenge Western powers. If and when a Ukraine invasion is successful, Taiwan will likely be next. And yes China will financially support Russia to thwart the West. Cold War II here we come.