Biden Admin Wont Rise Taxes? Really Now? Like How Democrats Haven't Raised Taxes in their areas?

I am bluffed and amazed at some of the Liberal’s in here who still plan on voting for Biden and actually believe that the Biden admin wont rise taxes? lol

Are you guys forgetting that the Democrats had raised taxes in mostly blue and democratic controlled states and cities right?
Why you think so many people are fleeing LA? and other cities in California? well the Democrats had being running that state for 30+ years now almost and yet they are able to manage to screw it up as they are running either through unfulfilled projects, badly managed public money or rising taxes.

There are no real biden supporters. You can count on that.

Forget to mention in a democrat city and mayor while using no doubt tax payer’s own money…

OR-Mayor Wheeler announces $62 m of extra handouts now available…to blacks.


How is this not illegal or racist? democrats?

Just as there’ll be no Trump supporters when he leaves office…There’ll be a bunch of previous supporters saying " I didn’t vote for him"


“Just as there’ll be no Trump supporters when he leaves office”
Are so you that Trump is going to lose? you should go bet on that Liberal.

I doubt anyone will be saying that 4-8 years from now.

The dnc convention has being a clown fest disaster. Almost like “We support BLM rally” even after all the looting and unnecessary Destruction of business during the first day of the convention"
The only exception that the dnc convention that had was how much you and DNC hate Trump it seems the Chinese gov also agrees with the DNC though.

At least the RNC convention had actually successful migrants who were proud to be called American.

Right because the Bush admin didn’t turn into a figment of the imagination

Bush?..Never heard of him.

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Do i need bring up the Obama admin 8 years? Neo Liberals still wont talk about his failed polices like the ones in the middle east and Libya…

here in America we don’t rise taxes…we raise them…And Republicans…well they raise taxes too.

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Try this…BOOOOOSSSSHHHHH! Now do you remember? :grin:

That’s different than disavowing. LEt’s talk about wwwiii and the roaring 20s instead?

Like you guys won’t talk about Trumps failure to follow a simple pandemic playbook laid out for him by OBAMA over the concerns of the two serious outbreaks they faced. Sure, the 2009 outbreak of flu…was not handled well, but they at least looked back at their mistakes and created a plan for it going forward.

Trump and his administration, threw the play book out the window and started drawing up plays in the huddle, ignoring a game plan laid out for them. Smooth. And I am supposed to trust that and want four more years. I don’t think so.


Democrats tax, Republicans borrow…

They spend the same, but on different things.


Are you aware of how much Trump is spending per month versus how much Trump is taking in per month and don’t you think those numbers should be closer rather than continuing to put it on the credit card for our children and grandchildren to have to pay?

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I like and admire President Bush to this day.

Good man.

There are a myriad of other issues besides taxes that divide Biden and Trump.

That said, do you have a source? I did a google and didn’t see anything that said Biden wouldn’t raise taxes.

I’m sure there are, but yes… Trump is so bad people will vote for anyone just to get him gone.

You think so, do ya??

What happened to people who stand for something??

Instead we get programmed hatred.