Bickering Children and Whiny Crybabies Further Destroy the Senate

In which the Senate Majority Leader literally pointed at his opposite and whined “He started it” as he breaks the toy.

Insufferable brats, the lot of them.

The republicans know their window is closing.

They made a deal with the devil, and they know it could very well bite them in the ass in about 18 months.

This crap is not going to end well for them.

Legit, Reid messed up big time in 2013. Like, I get the issue. But his move was very short sighted.

I will pass on the partisan bickering. Both sides have long and document-able histories of obstruction and whining.

The Senate was not “destroyed” by today’s action. If anything at all, it was improved by today’s action.

The Article III Judiciary, on the other hand, may have been saved from the obstruction of both parties by today’s action.

I am looking long.

In the short view, obviously this will benefit Republicans.

In the long view, this will benefit BOTH parties and all future Republican and Democratic Presidents.

I have watched the Senate a long time and I know full well that it is the many good nominees of both parties who suffer the most, by having their nominations pointlessly delayed, only to be confirmed by overwhelming votes, in some cases 100-0 votes.

Bad nominees will still be stopped. This action would NOT have saved Thomas Farr’s nomination, for example. The small handful of bad Trump nominees, other than Farr, where stopped either in committee, or before floor action was undertaken.

The vast majority of the Obama and Trump nominations were quality nominees and totally uncontroversial. It is THESE types of nominees that will benefit by today’s action.

Looking long and knowing it will benefit future DEMOCRATIC Presidents as well as future Republican Presidents, I heartily approve of today’s action.

Whatever McConnell’s short sighted motivation may have been is entirely irrelevant to the main point. He did good, whether he did it for a so called “good” or “bad” reason.


We’ll see how you feel when the other side pulls this crap.

Like Harry Reid did in 2013?

I already HAVE supported when the other side pulled this so called “crap”.

I supported Harry Reid’s use of the nuclear option.

I support either side when they do the right thing, even if it is for the wrong reason.

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I have a feeling that if a Democrat wins the White House in 2020 and the GOP retains control of the Senate… McConnel will shut down judge nominations.


Yep, whiney cry babies.

The Senate is something else. Thank goodness for the 17th. :rofl:

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done for the unfortunate situation where one party controls the White House and the other party controls the Senate.