Betting odds 31 percent Trump won't last first term, 29 percent he'll be re-elected

Not good news for Trump. Odds Watch, which tracks odds from betting markets says right now it’s a 31.25% chance Trump won’t last his first term. It also says he has only a 29 percent chance of being re-elected.

Other odds from the site:
99.7% chance Rosenstein will remain as Dep. Attorney General
50% chance of a recession during Trump’s first term

I’m not sure how he doesn’t make it through at least his first term. Republicans in Congress may be growing a little tired of him, but they still control the Senate and aren’t going to participate in impeachment going into a major election cycle.

It’ll depend on the Mueller Report. And I think it won’t be easy on him.

GOP in Congress will remain cowed dogs. They won’t move against Donald unless their careers are threatened.

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It won’t be easy on him? You are making an assumption that there was some criminal connection between Trump and Russia. It is entirely possible and probably likely that there was not. Mueller cannot simply create a crime because he wants there to be one.There is zero chance that the republican senate will remove the President. None. I think you need to prepare yourself from this eventuality.

They won’t move against Donald because Donald has committed no crime. So there’s that.

Donald is an immoral, incompetent ass. And when their careers are threatened enough by his unpopularity, they’ll miraculously find their stones and oppose him.

Immoral? Probably no more immoral than most of the democratic candidates. Definitely less immoral than Hillary. Incompetent? Nope. He has execute his conservative agenda better than any president in my lifetime. He has a few failures and many successes. And. Nobody gets booted out of office by their own party simply because liberals don’t like him. You’re gonna need a little more. And ya ain’t gonna get it. Sorry bout your luck. :muscle:

It’s not going to be an easy two years for him.

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I think you’re in for some surprises in the future regarding Trump. He’s not the clean all-American boy you think he is.

So far I have heard nothing but wishful thinking from the libs for the past two years. Keep wishing. It’s not going to be an easy two years for the libs. And I will be right here to gloat when Mueller finds that the President had nothing to do with election Russian tampering. And I can’t wait! :sunglasses:

Wishful thinking is asserting that Trump is clean and hasn’t committed any crimes.


He’ll last the two years but he’ll regret ever stepping foot in the White House, if he doesn’t already.

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I’d bet dollars to donuts he started regretting ever stepping foot in the White House a while ago.


The only way he doesn’t make it through his first term is if ■■■■ hits the fans and he resigns so that Pence can give him and his family a blanket pardon.

I don’t think the man’s ego would allow him to admit how much of a failure he is. It doesn’t help that he constantly consumes right wing media that is giving him bad advice either.

He’ll be 74 years old and facing indictments for money laundering, conspiracy and tax evasion after he leaves office. That day will come, you can bet the house on it.

Unfortunately for fat donald, the pardon won’t cover the state of NY.

I think he’ll make a deal with prosecutors, resign and you won’t be indicted, then claim victimhood. He’ll be a Jesus figure to his supporters, a martyr.

I don’t think it’s likely to happen, but there’s a chance and the only way it would happen is if he loses in November and he’s under indictment. He could resign during the lame duck period to save his and his sorry family’s collective asses. Doubt it happens.