Betsy DeVos will cut $51M from Autism programs & eliminate 100% of all funding for the Special Olympics

How cruel can this administration get? I can’t even pretend to be shocked anymore.

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Are the special olympians paying for the wall?

Unfortunately, this type of ■■■■■■■■ is par for the course with this administration.

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Also paying for DeVos’ charter school program, around $60 million.

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  1. Why does Dept of Education fund Special Olympics? (I would prefer US Olympic Committee fund it, for example.)

  2. US Department of Education needs to be eliminated.


Do these people even stop for a moment to consider the optics here?

Apparently not.

Pure ■■■■■■■ evil.

When I went to college, I attempted to make some extra spending money so I got a job phone soliciting for the special Olympics. In exchange for certain dollar donations, the donor was given plastic garbage bags in return. Even though, I didn’t think there could be a better cause than this…I’d never been treated so rudely in my life.

On another note, this isn’t an expenditure for the government. This is a project that is funded through the generosity of the community in which these events will be done.

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  1. Because there’s no federal school system to fund and the DOE needs to justify its existence?

  2. Yes, because see 1.

That said, wasn’t that one of Donny Boy’s campaign promises? When’s he going to get cracking on it? Or is this going to be another failed promise?

but but but Trump hosted people with Down Syndrome at the WH, and everyone here was all happy about it.

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Well at least she, Donald, Wilbur Ross and the rest of the Cabinet are much much much wealthier than they were before. That’s what really matters. Maybe when Betsy buys another yacht, something will trickle to Special Olympics.


Yea these special Olympics athletes need to bootstrap themselves some events and stop leeching off the American public.


We have to figure this out. Governments are here to coddle and ease the wealthiest of the wealthy. There just aren’t enough yachts or mansions.

The least among us, the frailest, the weakest, the least powerful, there just can’t be enough stomping.


Its the Trumpist motto: must ALWAYS punch down. Their inability to allow anyone a hand up will someday be their death knell.


They stopped long enough to consider that their base would ignore, deflect, or applaud it.


I wonder if Dumpster and Pence told the kids that if they hoped to participate in Special Olympics, they would make damn sure the government they are running won’t kick in one red penny to help them.

Because tax cuts need to go to people like Mnuchin, so programs that help disabled children need to go.

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“Thanks for all you do - now pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, ya moochers!”

Good. Does the Special Olympics raise our GDP? No? Let private funds do it then if it is important.

It’s almost like they are trying to see what the worst thing is that they can get away with and it still be excused.

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