Beto's accomplishments? - "We don't know"

Good one. Better than mine.



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They sound about as informed as the quick interviews you see with people at Trump rallies. But considerably less wacky.

what has cruz accomplished.

6 years as a senator… not 1 major piece of legislation passed

Probably because they aren’t at a political rally.

The Pink Hat rally was pretty whacky.

Cool. Now imagine it was organized by the president and they had one every few days.

Reading Green Eggs and Ham on the floor of the Senate.

Managing to stay married to Heidi after crawling back to the man who repeatedly insulted her.

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He cooked bacon with a gun!

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Ok, I’m ready.

I don’t know what Beto accomplished, but he’s not a snake, a backstabber, and an anti-LGBTQ person. That’s a positive in my book. I stopped saying positive things about Cruz, when he supported Kim Davis and her anti-gay crowd. Apparently Cruz doesn’t care about the 14th amendment and the 1964 civil rights act.

Beto and I probably disagree with about 55% of the time, but I believe he cares about Texas and has shown he’s willing to visit every Texas county.


That’s because he wants to be President, not Senator of Texas.

good point, though I think his last two interviews were probable just that.

That must suck for him because he will be neither.


I like these :slight_smile:

Yea you’re totally right. Vets dont love animals and its all pain and suffering. Always right.

Do you seriously not understand what he posted?

Yea. Someone said that vets are good career calling for people who love animals. So WR said no because vets have to see a lot of pain amd suffering in animals and that you cant “love” them or else you will be an emotional wreck. And the fact is that “no” is not the correct answer. You can be a vet and still deeply love animals. You see when you’re always looking for things to argue about, then yes, you can turn something like “vets love animals” into some obscure internet argument.


He didn’t say you can’t love them. He said you have to put your love aside to do a vet’s job because many times you have to cause them pain. I guess a true animal lover couldn’t do it.

Read what you just said slowly. You contradict yourself like 3 times. I’m not sure you know what “love” means either. I guess Jesus didnt love us because it was painful to die on the cross. Maybe true love is sharing the pain with those you love, knowing that you have the power to try to help or cure them. Love doesnt mean happy happy joy joy.

But, but,…we’re all concerned about Cruz’s wife, even if she isn’t.