Beto's accomplishments? - "We don't know"

An interviewer at Texas A&M finds a vast majority of students support Beto O’Rourke in his race for Senate vs Ted Cruz.
None of these people can name any of his accomplishments.
One student answered that everyone has to start somewhere gaining experience.
Another one said she supports him because young people are more aware. Aware of what?
We’re raising a nation of fools.


He must have been doing interviews in the liberal arts building.

It would have been great for him to do one series of interviews there and another with the Corps of Cadets or in the Engineering Building.

I hope that would have made a difference. Think it would have?

Positive. Have you ever met an Aggie or been to the Campus?

Overall it’s probably in the top ten most conservative public universities in the country. Most of the rest are part of the A&M system HA!

Willie Nelson transcends Political leanings.

My granddaughter is an Aggie produced Veterinarian. She’s not political. If she had been interviewed, she would have said she didn’t have time for that foolishness- or something like that.

I like her already.

She’s a great gal. She practices in Denver- doing really well.

Good to hear, she’ll do very well there. Even with the worst of them I’ve ever met it’s hard not to find something to like about an Aggie and Aggie vet’s bar none are among the best in the nation.

I don’t have many regrets in life but I do and always will regret letting my dad talk me out of becoming an Aggie Vet.

Vet is a great calling for anyone who loves animals.

Not really. You have to do a lot of very painful things to animals to help them and you pretty well have to turn that love off in order to do so. It’s a lot like pediatrics or oncology on that regard.

Put the emotions away and the science and arts to work or it can eat you alive.

Good point! I understand what you’re saying.

You should have been a writer. You can say more in one sentence than I can say in a paragraph and say it a lot better. I’ve told you that before. I wasn’t joking.

Thanks. I’ve been published for over 30 years from poetry to technical publications and veterinary articles as well as upland upland and big game hunting and some technical firearms stuff.

If you want a real window into my firearms expertise I’ll send you a link.

I was wondering if that wasn’t the case. You are also good at political commentary. You would make a good columnist.

you have a pm.

I do appreciate you Bill.

As my orthopedic issues have worsened over the last decade, sleep is a rare commodity so I have done a lot more writing under several pseudonyms.

I don’t make much at it for sure but I do enjoy the work and it keeps my mind occupied.

I’m sure you do an excellent job of it.

What are Ted Cruz’s accomplishments?

Surviving a spine removal.


He shut down the entire Centgov.

And Yellowstone.