BETOMANIA: O’Rourke Claims He Can ‘Win Texas’ in 2020, Says He ‘Knows How to Campaign’

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Former Congressman Beto O’Rourke predicted Tuesday he can turn the Lone Star State blue in 2020 should he win the Democratic nomination; saying he’s proven that he “knows how to campaign” in Texas despite losing to Sen. Ted Cruz in the midterm elections.

O’Rourke was speaking with supporters in New Hampshire Tuesday evening when he was asked “Do you think you can win Texas if you become the nominee?”

2020 Watch-NEW: @BetoORourke -in NH tonight- predicts he can take Texas in the general election if he's the Democratic presidential nominee – "Yes I think we can win Texas. I think we’ve proven we know how to campaign" #2020PresidentialElection #NHpolitics #FITN #txpoli #mapoli

— Paul Steinhauser (@steinhauserNH1) March 20, 2019

“Yes, I think we can win Texas,” O’Rourke fired-back. “I think we’ve proven that we know how to campaign. … We’ve listened to the stories our fellow Texans have told us. We’ve incorporated it in the way that we campaign and the way in which I wish to serve.”