BETO’S BIG BUCKS: O’Rourke Raises Record $70 MILLION to Topple Ted Cruz | Sean Hannity

Democratic candidate Beto O’Rourke raised a staggering $70 million in his efforts to oust Sen. Ted Cruz in Texas this election cycle; smashing records and outpacing the GOP legislator by a two-to-one margin.

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Where is the GOP money to expose the true O’Rouke? We can not allow MOB rule by allowing democrats to take the House,
If anyone really thinks that Pres Trump has not done a great job and are disappointed, wait and see how severely disappointed you will be if the democrats are allowed to gain the majority in the House or Senate? The American voters can not allow the democrats and complicit news media COUP to take place against our ELECTED president. If you love America, come out and vote for republicans that put our country FIRST over party. You don’t have to be BFFs with Pres Trump or even like him, just realize that he puts America FIRST and has made it better. There is still no democrat platform or policies that will make America better under the democrat party. All you hear is impeach, article 25, abolish ICE, socialism, and free everything. What you don’t hear is what is the impeachable crime, reason for article 25, how to police our immigration laws, and how all these socialist free policies can be paid for. The democrats and the news media are so quick to criticize or point out how bad (in their minds) Pres Trump is handling things, however there is never any suggestion on how to make or do things better. The voter has the power to keep America or turn it into Venezuela. Please be informed and chose wisely. Because fake news say something is true, IT DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE.