BETO’S ADMISSION: O’Rourke Says ‘I don’t Know’ How to Fix Border Problems | Sean Hannity

Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke continued to raise eyebrows among his Democratic colleagues this week; telling the Washington Post he “doesn’t know” how to fix blatant visa violations.

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The first thing to is is enforce the law.

"It’s rare that someone’s ever been able to impose their will unilaterally in this country. We don’t want that.”

Really? Didn’t the Dims do this when they FORCED Obamacare unilaterally in this country? And yeah, we DIDN’T want that!

Robert O’Rourke (Irish-American/faux Hispanic) hasn’t a clue as to how to “fix” anything. In El Paso, he wanted to take over a poor hispanic neighborhood for his father-in-law to put in upscale homes. He and the other liberal Dems/socialist only know how to ‘force’ their will on us - via legislation, regulations or violence if nothing else works.

This guy is in it for the money and glory. He doesn’t know or want to know how to fix anything. As long as his supporters keep donating that’s fine. You fix visa overstays by tracking the offenders down and deporting them. What’s so hard about that? Unless you have no idea where they could be. That shouldn’t be the case. If it is then the visa program needs to be worked on and fixed so you know on a monthly basis where these people are or they don’t get a visa. But it’s hard when you want illegal immigration in the country to think of things like this.