Beto Pays. Donald does not

The usual MO for the trump campaign

do you remember the dueling rallies in El Paso, Texas in March

city sent Beto a invoice (paid a day before deadline)

City sent Trump an invoice (they have not paid and said they were overcharged)

where have we heard this one before?


Link so we can actuall read what’s going on?


21k bill comparted to a hall a million dollar bill.

Trump charged for street maintenance? Trump charged for Sun Metro (bus services) costs?

Why? Why doesn’t betto get those charges as well for HIS rally?


easy answer. he did not use those services.


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Here is Beto’s bill. Just a charge for Parade:

Then we look at what they billed Trump:

Dept of Aviation – Airport (I assume for landing airforce one)
Fire department – Really not sure what they had to do with the rally unless they were there on stand by
Health department costs – have NO idea what this would be for
Streets and Maintenance – Maybe barricades?? I don’t know
Sun Metro costs – WHY???
Police department – Extra security??

I’d demand an accounting of all charges if I got hit with a hall a million dollar bill compared to my competitors 20k bill as well.

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comn Snow. we all know the presidents rally was larger. duh.



And then in the linked article we get this:

“Since 2015, the Trump Campaign has held nearly 550 rallies all over the country, and this invoice is roughly 10 times the amount that a locality generally asks to be reimbursed,” Michael Glassner, chief operating officer with the Trump Campaign, told ABC News. “We are reviewing it.”

Suddenly a bill 10X what most cities bill the campaign? Yea I’d be taking a real close look at it as well and demand documentation and proff of what I was paying for.

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Was it 400K in charges larger? Really?

Why didn’t Beto get charged for any officers at his rally (remember he doesn’t have SS protection0?
Why didn’t Beto get charged a health department fee?
Why wasn’t medical and/or fire on stand by at his rally for a charge?


So, the argument is made that Beto should have been charged more versus that fact that Trump should pay? You are also aware that Trump is President, so he gets a much more thorough security detail.

I’d like one Trump supporter to come in to this thread and start off by saying that Trump’s campaign should pay the tab. Then one can nit pick the crap out of who should be charged what.

Are you suggesting the world class business man didn’t get a quote on the cost of his rally before booking it?


What was the bus charge for?
What was the health department charge for?
Did Beto have city police at or around his rally?

This bill comparison stinks.

Did Beto NOT have medical stand by at his rally? Really?

Trump is that guy who haggles over drink costs at a group lunch.

Are you suggesting a world class business man that get a bill for 10X the amount of what he is usually charged for these services should just shrug his shoulders and pay it without questioning why this one is so much higher than the others?

You have zero proof this bill is 10X what he usually pays. He, and his campaign, lie all the time.

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When you compare the two bills, 20k verses 400k

I’m inclined to believe that it’s 10X what they normally pay.

Maybe the town was excited to have Beto come in, and then groaned over having to deal with the President also coming in. Probably gave Beto a few perks, whereas Trump’s visit was putting a lot of extra staff on alert. Having a town prepare for a President is no small or easy task.

Why you are asking me these questions, I have no idea. The question you should ask is “Why hasn’t the President’s campaign paid this already?” Here’s a town that might be hurting because they are waiting for payment for services rendered. Why is Trump screwing over the middle class?

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How much evidence do you have that the town of El Paso lies?

How much evidence do you have that Trump and his campaign lies?

Did Beto claim them on his reports? Is it legal for a city to donate time/services to a candidate (I know regualar businesses are forbiden and MUST charge for there services)?

Because they are questioning if they are being overcharged and are probably going through things and may ask for supporting documentation before paying.