Best yard sale finds

To lighten things up let’s share stories of our best yard sale finds over the years! This can also include person to person sales.

A few years ago we (me and the missus) got a really nice GE stove for $100. Long story behind that one. We still use it to this day.

My wife and a neighbor were doing yard sales one morning and she got me a Blichmann burner with extended legs and an eight gallon stainless steel pot for $25. My fellow home brewers will appreciate that.

She also found an Oster blender setup with every possible attachment (except for a bread hook, dammit!) possible for $5.00. We don’t use it often, but every time we do we wonder how we existed without that thing in our lives.

A couple years ago I was walking my dogs up the street. A house had been foreclosed on and everything was out beside the street. One the was a 19” flatscreen tv with a power cord. After the walk I figured I’d drive back up, grab it, and see if it works. It works fine so maybe I’ll use it as a monitor some day.

Let’s hear your stories!!!


the best yard sales happen 3 feet at a time…

I’m a home TV system buff. Out at a sale someone had a Harmony One remote for .25 cents because ‘broken’. They didn’t have the recharging base. I had a new harmony with base at home and just recharge them separately :slight_smile: :+1: