Best of luck and God's speed for the launch today

4:33pm EDT launch.
I hope that SpaceX pulls this off.

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It would be nice to see Americans lifting off into space on American space craft again.

You bet. I was not happy that we had to pay Russia $86M per seat to ride on their crafts.
Musk has done a good job getting his company to this level.

Scrubbed for weather.

Yeah, it was looking pretty nasty. But better safe then…

Been a very odd situation in Florida the last two weeks. Low pressure troughs at both the surface and upper level have been keeping the weather far more disturbed than it normally would be in late May.

Atlantic Tropical Weather Discussion?

I just looked at the Atlantic Tropical Weather Discussion. Looks like a weak high pressure will build near Florida, which would be favorable for a Saturday or Sunday launch attempt.

This reminds me of when we were going to the moon and had those set launch windows. Something we didn’t have to worry about with the shuttle launches. I hope they get the go this weekend.