Best New Board Feature

I just love how you have to open yourself to being edited by others just to edit your own posts. Love the spam bot too, does all the work for the trolls and never gets banned :smiley:

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Yeah. Those are good. What I like even more is having posts removed, especially back from July, without ever knowing the specifics of why they were removed.

Oh, you get that generic note that they obviously were in violation, but it like, WTH, it was something I posted months ago, how can I remember what I posted?

Heck I am good to remember in the afternoon what I posted from the morning.

It has gotten to the point I have started typing my comments in WORD then pasting them over here so I can at least know what was so bad if I get another deletion.

Doing that at least for the serious discussions I engage in.

Every time i got a time out i got an email with explanation, i guess its different with deletions?

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It’s hilarious how easy these issues are to fix. I love it. lol

If they had not “fired” you four years ago, this would have never happened. :wink:

Nah, they would’ve screwed it up either way. lol

I’m not associated with the current chain of events. :sunglasses: