Best New Board Feature

Personally I think it is the ease with which images can be inserted into a post.

The old board was a PITA for that because of needing to have the file locally or you ended up hotlinking it to a 3rd party site (which had it’s own dangers of the site changed the image but didn’t change the file name). And of course the size limits that prevented posting images without manual resizing.

On the new board you can copy and paste and image directly into the post. So much easier.


Yes. That’s great and all.

However, I just want to be able to edit my posts. Is that too much to ask for?

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Have seen this thread? -->> How To Edit Posts

Step by Step Instructions.


Nothing is better about this board. It’s a pain in the butt to quote. It’s hard to find your place in a thread after posting. The color scheme is horrible. I used to log onto the old board daily. I only log on this less user friendly board every couple of days.

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Not helpful if you don’t have the wrench at all.

Best new board feature?

Having to retype a bunch of stuff when the page auto-refreshes. :frowning:

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Of course I saw that thread. If you read through it you’ll see that the edit feature only works if you reach member level 3. The requirement for that level are pretty high, so many people had to ask moderators to bump their member level manually. I’m currently at member level 2.

Same here…i love having to do that…

Yeah. What’s with that anyway? Sometimes it refreshes every few seconds. It’s hard enough to deal with the glitches with the text editor (I am on an iPad which only deletes with the backspace… sometimes it just keeps deleting characters after I quit tapping the backspace key, forcing me to cancel the response and start over.) and the autocorrect.

Note … it refreshed twice just while typing this.

Now imagine someone with my typing skills. :angry:

I have a hard time imagining you regardless of your typing skills. :stuck_out_tongue:

God now I know why you live in Alaska you uncivilized…

I love the new feature that makes me rethink what i have typed by disap

■■■■ it. I am not typing anymore here until this gets fixed. It happens each post i type.

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It sucks.

Especially on a so-called discussion forum.

I’d like to respond to you Lu

But It just cuts me off. See it did it again

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There is nowhere else on the web this happens. But Hannity forums, yup, no, just can’t fix it.

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Ridiculous right?

So we finally have something that we all agree on. Fantastic! :smile:

Lol, Samm, i never looked at it that way. But you are right. We all agree on this. It’s a Christmas miracle isn’t it?

I think it’s less to do with the software and more to do with how it is configured here. It appears another board I visit switched to the same software and it is not an issue. It wasn’t an issue on here for months. So something has changed with this local variant.