Best Movie You've Seen Lately

Let there be light…
Sean Hannity’s movie . finaly got tp see it.
And it was a great movie!

I haven’t been inside a movie theatre in well over a year. Actually the last film I recall seeing that really impressed me was a Korean film called “Train to Busan.” It was a zombie thriller, a genre I generally avoid, but it was very well done, well acted, well paced - I heard it has been picked up for an English language remake.

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I’ve seen and I also don’t care for zombies , but it was a pretty good movie…

Just saw “Won’t You Be My Neighbor” last night.

Shows me just how far we have fallen in so short a time…

I also saw 15:17 to Paris.

Not the greatest movie, but then I found out the “actors” were actually the heroes of the real story. I hadn’t known that.

Then it became a very good movie.

I’m remembering it now because it ties in with the Mr. Rogers’ documentary. Because in times of national tragedy, Mr. Rogers’ focus was always “Look for the helpers”.

And that’s what these guys onnthe train were…the helpers whomstepped up because they were in the right position to do so and felt they had to.

That’s nice when it out performs your expectation.
Some let me down like Gotti the new one with Travolta
Terrible was just like all the other 20 Gotti’s.

Was it good?

I mean, of course it was because Mr. Rogers might have been the best human that ever lived - but was it a good movie?

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He is , I think everybody loves Mr Rogers. It’ll be my next movie.
The Amazon fire stick is a wonderful invention. That is all we use
with our wifi.
Wondering about Yellowstone with Kevin Costner. Has anyone
seen it yet?

It was quite good.

They went reasonably in-depth about his own hopes, fears, and insecurities, and how it poured out into his work.

And how he used the puppets to express some of those hopes and fears.