Besides Tax Cuts For The Wealthy - What major domestic thing has trump accomplished?


Trump: there was nothing to fix, but I fixed it.


Well this isnt true either…si.ple google search shows mexico has done things…


A wall, even one from sea to shining sea, is not going to solve the illegal immigration problem we face. Nor will it address the asylum seekers. It is a serious waste of money that will do nothing to fix the damn problem.


In his 1st 2 years, Republicans held both houses of congress.

Legislatively, they passed tax cuts, primarily for the wealthy and corps.

Other than that…he used his executive privilege to roll back regulations, and McConnell has upended 200 years of precedent procedures to steam roll the courts.

Conservative my ass.


This should thrill people to learn. As if the tax cuts were not hugely unpopular already, and massively adding to our deficit and debt. Now this!

But wait, the law isn’t done with you. There’s another complication coming out later this year: The Internal Revenue Service is changing how you adjust your paycheck withholdings, and early indicators show it won’t be easy.

But the changes won’t be simple, says Pete Isberg, head of government affairs at ADP, the payroll and human resources company.

Filling out the new form will be a lot like doing your taxes again.

“It’ll be a much bigger pain,” he says. “The accuracy will be 100 percent, but the ease-of-use will be zero.”

The new form referenced up to 12 other IRS publications to fill it out. It was so complex and different from the previous W-4 form that Ernst & Young worried employees would struggle to fill it out correctly and employers may need to offer training beforehand.

What could possibly go wrong?


That’s just not the way an economy works. You need to nurture it. It doesn’t keep going in one direction perpetually.

And AGAIN, the closer you get to full employment, the harder it is to makes gains at all. This is not a mystery.



Ahh so trump’s just been nurturing Obama’s economy that he left him. Thanks for admitting finally. Trump inherits 4.8% unemployment, drops it by 1% in 2 years, while doubling the deficit and increasing spending back to 2009 levels. MAGA


ANY praise of Trump will be “hyper-partisan” in your book…

His deregulation and huge corporate tax cuts will pay dividends for MANY years to come, in ways we haven’t seen yet and for a very long time.

Why do you think the Stock Market went crazy with wealth creation in the months immediately following his acendancy? They saw what you cannot see, apparently.



It was a mystery to you guys right up until jan 2017. We get it. You love trump


“Dividends” meaning trillion $ deficits. Stock market tripled under Obama. Looks like your boy is Obama 2.0. Except he doesnt have an economic crisis to deal with. Pathetic


I have never said they were. I in fact laid equal blame on them for the spending.

Learn to read. It helps lots.



See post above.

…and ALSO learn to read.



No. Thats just more of your hyperpartisanship talking. I think the economy is doing pretty well now. I think it was doing pretty well under Obana too. But i remember cons like you during obamas years and what you say now. Its transparent as ■■■■


Says the guy who cant read charts



To those of us who saw the Congress completely renege on the promise to stop illegal immigration if Reagan would go forward with the amnesty of millions it has been a major problem for decades. but the system has been thrown into true emergency in the last year, due to the amnesty travesty.

Just ask Obama’s former head of homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, who agrees woth that characterization.



I calls 'em as I sees 'em.



Can you show me another time in history where cutting corporate taxes lead to “paying dividends” many years later?

Unless of course you mean paying ACTUAL dividends. Which I agree… the rich get richer.


They do superficial things for as long as it takes to get the press off their backs - which these days is minutes - and then they slack off again.

And why not? No one has held their feet to the fire before Trump.



Cue “but record revenues!” (while ignoring record revenues by obama)


Errr. Learn to count a majority. Also: learn about civics. Additionally: learn to stop being scared to hold people accountable. Further: learn to stop blaming others for trump and republicans’ failures.