Besides Tax Cuts For The Wealthy - What major domestic thing has trump accomplished?


You really think this Mexaican thing is or should be really important to us.

We spend ten times the 8 billion for the wall on stuff like figuring out the sex life of snail darters.

Just ask all the universities who get incredibly big but DUMB grants to explore such things.

We are NOT concerned about Mexico paying for it. We are concerned only that it be built.



I know that you cannot tell me about this magic bullet that Obama shot into the economy. I know that the American economy is the envy of the world and one of the reasons is its ability to overcome much, just by the shear momentum of rabid capitalism in action.

That we recovered from the recession was a foregone conclusion. Too bad we didn’t recover FASTER or STRONGER and had to suffer the weakest recovery in our lifetimes.

But then, we were going on Obama’s magic bullets.



What a damning indictment that you don’t think D Trump should be held to account for his words and actions. I can understand the rationale: defending the indefensible is not possible.


Stimulus package. Auto bailouts. Raised taxes on the wealthy to help close the deficit. And we proceeded to have one of longest period of sustained job growth, cut inherited deficit by 60%+, and handed 4.8% unemployment and a trend to Trump on a silver platter. Of course Republicans blow up the deficit for their wealthy Lords.


It wasnt weak. It was quite stable. And historically in line with unemployment reduction. In fact Trump hasnt even topped Obama on unemployment gains or quarterly growth. Once again, you fail. Lemme know when Trump gets 5%+ GDP in a quarter.



Its all the exact same trends and metrics he inherited. Stop with the trash


More garbage.


Candidate Trump wanted to make Mexico pay for the wall, but once he was in office he found out that it wouldn’t be as easy as that, if we are to have good relations with Mexico.

But this is really NOTHING. It is so little to pay for the benefit it gives that we don’t care who pays for it. Why you think this is at all important is beyond me. It’s like arguing over a promised pack of gum. It is THAT CHEAP in a trillion-dollar-plus budget.

Truly, the only reason to oppose it is politics.



The stimulo\us package was a well-known FAILURE, with billions wasted. Even Obama admits that it wasn’t what it was supposed to be.

Raising taxes does NOTHING to create jobs.

Obamacare HURT small business and dropped millions into low-wage 30-hour-a-week or less work, until millions gave up trying to find work.

And we had the WEAKEST recovery in living memory, with what we got all due the that ability of the American economy to repair itself DESPITE the policies of regulation and taxation that Obama laid on business and manufacturing.

Obama policies hurt us - not helped us. We recovered despite him. Trump policies were proactive and immediate in affect.



No Trump did not say he wanted Mexico to pay for the wall. What Trump said WAS that Mexico WOULD PAY for the wall.

It is quite amazing the gymnastics involved in rationalising and excusing the LIES told Trump by the acolytes of Trump.


No. To LIE would be to know one thing and say something entirely different. He didn’t KNOW it would be politically difficult to get them to pay. Impossible, really, for any Mexican president to accede to and remain in office. It was discussions with the President of Mexico that made that clear, so on to Plan B

It’s quite amazing the lengths you will go to try to argue over something so trivial, at this point. It’s a dead pony.

AGAIN, we who want the wall DO NOT CARE who pays for it - certainly not at that low cost.

Ater all, it’s not like he was promising something like “shovel-ready jobs” that would waste 100s of billions of dollars, for instance.

We want it BUILT, regardless of who pays for it. That is the only important thing.




Its not supposed to.


Holy talking points batman


Why are the tax cuts not a well known failure when they have yet to result in the changes of trends of job growth or gdp?


Not only have the tax cuts resulted in more jobs created - record levels - but they also resulted in higher wages and a reduction of part time jobs to be replaced with more full time jobs, while simultaneously producing great revenues.

Projected wage growth is the best in decades.

The entire tenor and outlook of the workforce is better and manufacturer confidence levels are high.

But it was all a failure.



Donald Trump caused some domestic groups to come out of the shadows and show their faces. That’s definitely a good thing.


Minorities reached records of employment before the tax cuts went into effect. Job numbers have not changed since before as compared to after. let’s try again.



The tax cuts didn’t need to go into full effect to create jobs. They only needed to be proposed with the certainty that they would happen and that was clear.

The same with the deregulation. Once it was clear that this administration was going to be very business friendly jobs began to be offered right away.

There were several White House business round-tables that were openly shown to the press with businessmen telling the President all the jobs they were offering and all the retooling they were going to be doing, expressed in millions for expansion and jobs. Others promised to relocate back into the country their overseas operations.

They were great to watch.

You’re not going to find any credible economist who isn’t going to credit the corporate tax cuts and the deregulaion for great job creation. They would have to go against all logic to do so.

The prospect of much lower taxes and far fewer regulations are nothing but a BOON to business and manufacturing. After 8 years of harrassment under Obama they would be doing double back-flips.



Tell me whom you consider a credible economist or what credentials they should have.

Thanks in advance.


There are many credible economists.

Show me one who says that corporate tax cuts and deregulation don’t spur business in general on significantly to expand and hire.

This wasn’t a one-time government spending that makes some temporary work with no significant wage growth. This was a structural change that makes for permanent improvment for businesses and that makes for a more permanent improvement in both jobs and wages.

There is just no way around it. If you want to improve the prospects for both full-time hiring and wage growth, you have to improve the situation for business to grow, permanently. You hire a businessman to make that happen - not an academic who has never so much as run a popsicle stand.

The businessman already KNOWS what business needs. It’s not a mystery.