Besides Tax Cuts For The Wealthy - What major domestic thing has trump accomplished?


This is, again a continuation of the trends




Why cant you just admit the trends are the same?


Explain that to the Congress - BOTH sides.



Oh ok. So that means GOP was resonsible for 6 years of the Obama debt. Thanks for playing. Your talking points fail you


Ya thats funny. Presidents arent responsible for debt and spending now that dear leader trump blew it up at full employment


We have the highest number of Americans employed ever - even during this time when baby boomers are retiring en masse.

We have the best employment ever of minorities and the best employment of women in 50 years or more.

It’s outstanding.



All just a continuation of the trend trump inherited :laughing:


Do you get paid to regurgitate this ■■■■■


So… Is that an argument that deficit spending not seen since the economic collapse is a good thing?

At full employment?


And yet GDP growth is right in line with the trends of the last 8 years


We have already been down this road.

NO ONE SIDE can be responsible for the deficits as no one side can control the budget, but it is the CONGRESS that has to attempt to do it.

Whenever a president tries to he is condemned for closing the government.

Lay the blame for deficits where it properly belongs - with the budget-makers of BOTH parties in the Congress.



This current budget and tax code are completely on the GOP.

The increased level of deficit spending is completely on the GOP.


And AGAIN, you cannot make gains as easily when you get nearer to full employment AS YOU KNOW but refuse to acknowledge.

Yet Trump has made them - even in the face of massive retirements, which make gains EVEN HARDER, all other things being equal.

Get over it. Trump is just a great job creator. Why should it be a surprise that a businessman would know how to best create jobs?



This is not true.


I do agnowledge it by reminding you that Trump inherited a trend and near full employment when he entered office lol


He doubled the deficit.

Get over it. Just admit that ya’ll are piggy backing off a silver platter handed to you


Excellent news. Your hyperbole notwithstanding of course.


You keep on repeating this as though it means that its better and more valuable than what Obama did, its not.


Except Donald Trump said Mexico would pay for it.


Yes it is true.



Tell me something I dont know