Besides Tax Cuts For The Wealthy - What major domestic thing has trump accomplished?


I give Trump credit for the good economy. And I even agree with your hypothesis that eking out the latest 1% drop can be harder than a 1% drop under higher unemployment.

It is odd that he has such massive deficits when times are so good. Normally that would be a time to reduce deficits, don’t you think?


On paper.

You haven’t made a penny until you actually sell it. And who knows what the price will be when you sell it. Could be massively higher, could be a big loss, could break even.

My father-in-law made that mistake with his investments. He kept saying how rich he was because of a couple of stocks and during the recession those stocks dove. He eventually cashed out and bought all gold. Now he lives on his social security.


Thats what people were saying about real estate in 2007




I got a tax cut. And he’s over hauling the regulatory state, obviously. Thus the great economy.

Had Paul Ryan and McCain not lied, he’d have much more done.

What plans are dems proposing for the economy?


So, basically, he’s done nothing.


And he’s over hauling the regulatory state, obviously.

That’s giant…


And what is it you want him to do?


End NAFTA and pull the military out of the Middle East wars.

He can do both, but he hasn’t


He’s done more to reach those goals than the last two presidents, so I’m glad you support his efforts…


How so?


Pat of the reason the DC went after him was his talk of ending the post WW2 dynamic…

Is anyone on the dems side talking about that?


Were you upset he wanted to pull Troops out of Syria? Perhaps you forgot about that…


Trump’s USMCA…


The biggest difference between NAFTA and the USMCA is the name.


This really isn’t a post-WW2 dynamic (it could be though)

But definitely a post-1971 dynamic when nixon removed the gold standard. We made a deal with SA and they buy oil with dollars creating an oil standard. We just help them with “issues”

USMCA is just NAFTA by another name. No NAFTA at all.


Yes, Nixon was a major big govt liberal. Gave us the EPA etc.

One of the conspiracy theory’s I read about why we bombed Libya, was Qaddafi was only going to accept gold for oil. I have no idea if that’s true, and can’t find the article anymore.
But, hey, we have no idea why we bombed them. But it drove up the cost of oil, so if Trump had done it, it would have been called a war for oil…


You shouldn’t use the word “we” when you should actually be using the word “I”.


If you knew, you’d tell me… We were killing Islamists faster than Qaddafi was at the time. And why did Obama just leave Libya to rot in Chaos. At least Bush kept troops in Iraq after breaking it.


I have. Repeatedly. It just bounces off. Either you aren’t being truthful or your memory isn’t very good.