Besides Tax Cuts For The Wealthy - What major domestic thing has trump accomplished?


No one has ever said that it is the entire answer to the entire problem.

What it will do is stop most human trafficking, which is the worst of the worst problem. It will also stop a considerable amount of the drug trafficking, which will allow resources to follow leads elsewhere in greater numbers,

And please. We spend more than the 8 billion we are talking about on complete and utter nonsense.

The only reason to oppose this CHEAP solution to truly horrific problems is because Trump wants to do it.

As for asylum the Congress needs to do their jobs and QUICKLY to remove protections for seekers OTHER than Mexicans, because they are completely overwhelming the system - Ask Obama’s Jeh Johnson who stated as much, days ago.



Answered already.



There is so much wrong with this statement. What “wealth creation” did the stock market participate in? Outside of IPOs, there is no injection of capital into actual business activities. This is a fundamental misunderstanding of the stock market. Additionally, the S&P500 has had lower annual returns under Trump’s presidency than under Obama’s.


Trump has broken all records for employment while adding trillions in wealth to the economy.

There are more jobs available than there are people fill them. Not too shabby and not seen in Obama’s economy, ever.



Lol. GDP under 3%. Couldnt top Obama’s highest quarterly GDP. Lowered unemployment from 4.8% inherited ti 3.8%. Created less jobs in his first 2 years than Obama’s last 2. All while doubling the deficit and increasing spending back to 2009 levels.

And before you parrot african american unemployment


But we get it. Gotta protect dear leader. Trump is Obama 2.0 on economy, minus the huge deficits at full employment


Once again just piggy backing off the trend.

I see a continuation of the obama slope


If I own a stock that was worth a dollar yesterday and is worth 2 dollars today I am 100% wealthier in the value of that stock. I am a happy, happy guy.

The Stock Market value rose dramatically in the first year of Trump. People whose 401Ks increased in value will properly see this as wonderful for them. It’s not rising that fast now, because the impact of Trump’s deregulation and corporate tax cuts has already been baked in, but if I owned stock since and during Obama I am today a much happier guy.

There is just no denying that.



And AGAIN, when you get close to full employment gains are much harder to make, yet Trump made them.

Obama NEVER had a situation where there were more jobs available than there were employees for them.



The stock markey rose dramatically under Obama too. Funny though since trump passed a policy (tax cuts) the market has been flat


Because Obama inherited a financial crisis. Look what Trump inherited.


Obama levelled out for the last two years of his tenure. Trump had it taking off dramatically again, and right away. He has put the value at record levels. There is no denying this.

The market rose dramatically at the news of the tax cuts and the obvious promise kept of deregulation. It slowed that dramatic rise under the Fed interest rate raises - something Obama never had to contend with - but since January the Dow has risen again, from 23 to 26.5 now.

Great news for small investors.



Obama had EIGHT YEARS and he still never got there. Trump got there in two.



Its been level under trump for a long time now lmao


Trump didnt “get there in two”. He started from a different starting point than Obama. And this “obama had 8 years” ■■■■■■■■■


The rate of change in unemployment vetween him and reagan is virtually identical.


Its historically in line.

And trump jumped on the top of the wave and took credit. Just like you are.

“Trump did it in 2 years”

What a load…inheriting 4.8% unemployment and a stable economy after an 8 year bull run and no financial crisis.


Australia has had 27 years of continuing annual economic growth including the years of the GFC.


Don’t forget huge increases in deficit spending.

That tends to help a little.

It will be a disaster for the next downturn… but hey… that is tomorrow guy’s problem.


It will have zero impact on human trafficking and drug trafficking. You’re being fed garbage while nothing is being done to actually address the damn problem. It’s insane.


Trump made it OK to attack domestic companies. That will be handy for future presidents.


Wealth was not created in this scenario. In order for you to get that $2, someone else has to give their money to you for that stock. It’s not like poof, $1 came out of no where by busy little stock bees.

S&P500 annualized returns were higher under Obama than under Trump. If you’re happier under Trump because of your returns, you suck at math.


Did a President ever make such a foolish promise to voters that the Soviet Union would pay for our missile defense?