Bernie's workers want $15 an hour

Bernie Sander’s campaign workers are demanding at least $15 an hour + free medical care.
Negotiations have been going on since May.
It’s odd that any negotiations are necessary. Both items are considered by Sanders as basic human rights.

So much for leading by setting example…oh wait socialist want everyone else do what they say not what they do.

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From the article

UPDATE (7/19 3:20 p.m.): The Sanders campaign said it will reduce staff hours to ensure everyone makes $15 an hour.

Staffers were already being paid $36k a year which is about $17.30/hour at 40 hours per week

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Also from the article:

“Sanders’ 2020 campaign was the first to unionize in March 2019. The union then made an agreement with the campaign that field workers were to be paid $36,000 annually. The contract, which began on May 2, also provides platinum level health care, paid vacation, sick leave and other benefits”

Thread fail

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Omg employees negotiated for their pay. Socialism!


Well this thread face palmed pretty quickly. I hate it when facts get in the way of a good thread


They aren’t working 40s.

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But they were working 60 hours a week.

They were on a salary and as the article states, the Sanders Campaign is reducing hours at their request

What is platinum level health care? $1000 deductible?
Why were the changes made only after Sanders’ Scroogery became public?

The Bern was running a sweat shop.


He had a visit last night from his old partner Jacob Marley.

So if Walmart negotiates their people at $36k a year and overworks them so they get less than $15 an hour, are we pretending that they are paid more than $15 per hour?

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So why reduce hours if they were already making 15 per hour?

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Of course not. That trick only works for people like Stalin, Mao and Sanders.


Maybe he needs to pay off his wife’s problem.

Looks like cons dont understand how salaries work

Once more it just proved the double standards that left love so much.

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Tell it to the sweat shop workers.