Bernie's vote to people in jail

If this is passed every one in jail will have to have a TV (so they say) to hear what the platform of their choice s aying. So now if they don’t get a TV any time the news is on about who they want to hear they could start a legal action which I belive the ACLU would love to do. You gave me the right to vote, but not the right to hear my choice. I can just see numerous law suites from them. I hope you can see what i am trying to say but not as clear as you.

If what is passed?

The votes for ex-felons bill that Bernie has supported returns the vote to felons who have completed their sentence.

Who is “they” that are saying this?

Now that’s a funny thing to be mad about.

Countries who treat criminals like human beings have a lower recidivism rate. Who would have thought? I see some rather fight for policies that keep us the country with the highest percent of citizens in jail.