BERNIECARE: Sanders Insists Universal Healthcare ‘NOT CRAZY,’ Current System Killing ‘Ordinary People’ | Sean Hannity

Vermont Senator and 2020 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders doubled-down on his demands for a universal healthcare system throughout the United States Wednesday; saying his ‘Medicare for All’ program is “not a crazy idea.”

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Single payer health care kills people. Just ask the parents of Charlie Gard.

Dr Mark Porter, leader of the British Medical Association, said: “The NHS is being forced to choose between which patients to treat, with some facing delays in treatment and others being denied some treatments entirely.

This is what the elites demand for the sheeples.

Sean, as a former seminarian, I’m calling on you to put your reputation with our esteemed President at some potential risk by bringing home to him the meaning of these words which our Lord Jesus spoke and is recorded in Matthew chapter 10 verse 37, “He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.” Donald has believed that one of his greatest talents is knowing how to choose the right people to advise him on things that he lacks knowledge or understanding of. There are times as we go through God’s “earth school” that we need to be willing to put Him first including before immediate family members. Another weak chink in Donald’s armor is his seeming to be easily impressed with outward beauty and intelligence. Remind him that the bible says that Satan was created perfect in beauty and wisdom. There seem to have been many things that his beauty queen daughter has wrongly advised him on, and the only thing I can think of that his son-in-law has accurately advised him on is the movement of our embassy to Jerusalem. Ann Colter’s current column is right on. If He thinks his dynamic personality, and superior intelligence and negotiating ability is going to eventually win the day for him and get him everything he’s asking for along with the admiration and respect of everyone including his enemies, he doesn’t yet understand that one of God’s purposes in bring us through His school down here is to humble us and to teach us that none of us are able to be our own god, and that when He is finished with us none of us will be able to boast of even a single thing. Right now the devil and those who serve him are pretty much eating Donald’s lunch. I have never seen in my 72 years a Christmas season like this one. The population knows there is something very wrong in our country and in the world that has never raised it’s ugly head before. People in this country are more financially secure than they felt under Obama, but their lack of spending portends a sense of doom and horror on the horizon. Of the many walmarts in the Las Vegas valley all but three of them stopped being open 24 hours a day months ago and despite saying that the rest of them would again be open 24 hours a day starting two weeks before Christmas, here it is 5 days before Christmas and yet none of them have extended their hours. And the three walmart’s that are open 24 hours a day are like ghost towns when I go into them after dropping my wife off for her night shift. Having all of the criminals under the Obama administration including the administrator paraded before us day and night while they thumb their noses at us and try to get us to believe that our republic is dead and that power belongs to the powerful so that we will just roll over and more easily submit to it has had a very negative effect on the personality of our country. Sooner or later Donald will have to be brought to the understanding that only God is the “Great Fixer”.