BERNIE UNLOADS: Sanders Says He has ‘Fundamental Differences’ with Hillary, Won’t Seek Her Advice

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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders flat-out refused to accept campaign advice from his former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton Friday; saying he has “fundamental differences” with the twice-failed presidential nominee.

Asked if he would go to Hillary Clinton for advice, Bernie Sanders says, “I think not," saying they "have fundamental differences."

Sanders adds that he will support whoever the Democratic nominee is. "What's most important is that Trump be defeated."

— ABC News (@ABC) March 1, 2019

“We’re hearing about a lot of Democratic candidates who are meeting with Hillary Clinton for advice… Do you think you’ll do the same?” asked The View’s Meghan McCain.

“I suspect not. She has not called me. Look, we have differences. Hillary has played a very important role in modern American politics,” said Sanders.

“I think every Democrat is going to come together… What’s most important is that Trump gets defeated. But Hillary and I have fundamental differences,” he added.