Bernie staffer wants to send Trump supporters off to the gulag

Probably not. And why would they? And shockingly you probably won’t see CNN of the Huffpo cover this story.

Should Kyle Jurek sue them for defamation?

  1. There a difference between the POTUS saying something outlandish publicly, and a low level Bernie worker saying something outlandish privately.

  2. How many times are you going to ask me this?


That’s silly. These things take a tremendous amount of time, and frankly, he’d have to gather evidence that he was harmed by the this. Not sure what that might be unless Brietbart/veritas people start harrasing him.

I guess that’s better than what one of bernie’s 2016 volunteers did.

james hodgkinson shot several republicans at a baseball field, nearly killing the House Whip.

The media barely wanted to talk about it.

And some other bernie supporter was stabbing people on a train in Washington iirc.


Who is Kyle Jurek? Is this even a real person? What is the background on him? How do we know O’Keefe didn’t invent him out of thin air? How do we know this is not an actor? See, when you trust people who have been proven completely untrustworthy, these are the basic questions that need to first be answered, before going further. And certainly before asking whether or not a potentially invented person should sue someone else.


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I supplied a link.

I recall a ton of media coverage about that shooting. The shooting was one of the major things I heard about on news programs for a couple of weeks afterwards.

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Okay. I’m guessing that we will see a defamation suit after a “tremendous amount of time.”


Your link did not answer a single one of the questions posed. Can you prove this alleged man named Kyle Jurek is a real person? That they really work for Sanders in some capacity? Where is your evidence that this is not a paid actor pretending to be some fictional character?

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Days. Not weeks. Days.

Aside from a few updates about Scalise as he progressed.

The dimocrats and their media buddies moved on very, no make that EXTREMELY, quickly. Their lemmings even quicker.

That is so weak.

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in America, better chance of winning the lottery.

Smells like Fake News.

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That is not true.

They had the baseball game a few days later and it was all crickets after. kumbaya was declared, because it was a bernie supporter, and that was that.

Certainly no blame was assigned to extremist dimocrats. No investigations into what ideology inspired him.

And in some cases, people assigned blame to trump for what happened.

Nope. That’s not my job. If he isn’t, the Sander’s campaign and the media need to take action. Agreed?

I mean, if you can’t trust James O’Keefe and Project Veritas to bring you the hard hitting truthiness, who in the world can you trust???


Kinda like the El Paso shooter’s manifesto, right?

He sounds like an overzealous college dweeb saying dumb hyperbolic stuff to sound cool. Fire him, sure.

Should Kyle Jurek sue them for defamation? Like the Cov. Cath boy did to CNN?