Bernie staffer wants to send Trump supporters off to the gulag

And get this. It’s because he claims that we’re Nazis. How ironic is that? HE wants to send US to concentration camps, yet we’re the Nazis? He has two problems here.

  1. The Hitler analogy has been so over played over the years that the typical reaction to it being used for the 10,000th time is an eyeroll. :roll_eyes: After three years, not a single Nazi policy has been enacted. Or even attempted. When exactly is all this fascism supposed to start?

  2. Secondly and more importantly. We are very well armed. Who wants to risk their lives trying to round up Trump supporters? We are NRA members, hunters, sport shooters, former Marines, Army Rangers and Navy Seals. Anybody feel lucky?

This is exactly what liberals have in mind as they express their hatred for Trump supporters daily. Finally, we have one nit- wit who was dumb enough to say it out loud.

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James O’Keefe, Breitbart, and a “field organizer”



Unbelievable. They just go back to that piss-filled well over and and over. So thirsty.


I have posted about ten Breitbart stories lately. They have all proved to be accurate.

Did you know that project Veritas uses video? Is it fake video?

They mention, the idiot by name. It’s Kyle Jurek. If Breitbart is lying about him. We should expect to see a defamation case soon. Right?

What do you think about the nit-wit who wants to send us to concentration camps? Should he be fired?

Veritas has a history of editing videos.

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Project Veritas isn’t that the fake news website created by a convicted felon?

Project Veritas is well known for fake news.


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Can you imagine the grief we’d get about posting a Trump piece where the source was “a field organizer?”



One day you’d think they would learn. It seems the need for confirming biases outweighs the need for being well informed.

Under what pretense was the conversation?

But hell, if you don’t get fired from the GOP field for bragging about grabbing ■■■■■■ why would you want someone fired for this?

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Should Kyle Jurek sue them for defamation?

Should Kyle Jurek sue them for defamation?

And then tried to assign some sort of broad brush blame/accusation against the entirety of Trump* supporters? :rofl:

*3rd Impeached President of the United States


Should Kyle Jurek sue them for defamation?

If it was deceptively edited, sure. Or, if Veritas broke laws re: recording a conversation, sure.



Did brietbart ever do a story about when eh POTUS suggested the whistleblower be put to death for treason?


If it was, the suit should be filed today. We’ll see. I’m betting that the content will not be challenged.