Bernie Sanders - Useful Idiot

Strange that this information is just now coming to light.

No one cares, lol


Oh, oh…when libs find out about Bernie’s Russian collusion, they’ll light their hair on fire and yell at the sky.

I’m going to wait right here and help all those libs. :sunglasses:image

It’s not. From your own article:

That mayor was Bernie Sanders, and the story of his 1988 trip to the Soviet Union has been told before.


It’s not just now coming to light. Many of us have known about this for years. And certainly it has been at the forefront of criticism of Sanders by Democrats since the Primary process started.


Uh oh, this news may cause the right to start labeling Bernie a communist?


Maybe we should nominate Biden instead :thinking:

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Yes, he was Soviet puppet. We all knew that but many libs here still defended him knowing who and what Sanders is.

Now that senile Biden is going to take democrat title they will say so what, he’s not their nomination or who cares.

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Wow a sister city. Just like a LOI for a Moscow Tower


Oh…it appears this Russian collusion is somehow…different? who’d have thunk it? :thinking: :sunglasses:

Don’t like Bernie. Not voting for Bernie. This just makes that decision easier.

But even so, to use the Trumpist perennial defense, not necessarily illegal.

The GOP would’ve waited until he had the nomination to leak/present this.

Democrat Establishment wants to remain Establishment.

So why do you think the NYT is rehashing a story that they published less than a year ago?

Are they in the tank for Biden do you think?

Newspapers readily endorse candidates all the time.
Its possible that NYT has come out and endorsed Biden.

I just found out one of my city’s sister cities is Wuhan, China. Clearly a conspiracy.

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Most likely the reason.

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Iliana Omar’s brother just found out what his city’s sister city is. The wedding is next Tuesday.

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He is what he is. He isn’t trying to hide his affection for communistic countries.

There you go labeling him a communist! This changes everything!