Bernie sanders Says "Should Move Quickly" on Impeachment Inquiry. Should We?

I’ve got to say I agree with bernie here. Nothing is better than to go headlong into a presidential impeachment, and to have committee chairman performing comedy routines and rushing their way through things.

If only the dimocrats hadn’t decided to take a vacation.

Sanders wants it to move quickly because he knows that the whole media focus in the coming months will be 24/7 impeachment coverage not the issues the democrat candidates are running on.

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They need to move quickly before voters start to wonder why they were supposed to be outraged because Trump asked for information that should concern us.

And was Schiff doing this “for personal political reasons”?

Everything about schiff is about political reasons. Or leaking.

Or leaking for political reasons.

He’s in way over his tiny little head. Which explains the scripted comedy routine.

He seriously needs to be stripped of his committee positions.

I agree… The easiest way for it move quickly is for the Whitehouse to release the full, unedited transcript of the call and not stonewall testimony of any witnesses…

Trump should be impeached immediately based on Schiff’s reading of what Trump said.
Trump should be impeached immediately based on the Whistle Blowers spin of what Trump said.
The whole thing should be dropped based on what was in the actual transcript.

Playing dumb for sport. The man just wants some information and democrats are going crazy!

You and Tommy may be waiting a long, long time.

Yup, there’s several other real versions of the transcript out there.

You can’t have any of them though.

When are we gonna hear from those people that leaked to the “whistleblower”??

Or will that get lost in the rush to impeach??

Didn’t Schiff read the real transcript? The one we all know is out there?

The only thing released so far is not a transcript… From the document released by the Whitehouse…


I would assume so. Him being a Chairman of the Unired States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and all.

Maybe someone wrote something in with Sharpie on his real prepared remarks??

I know, but it’s been decided that you don’t get to see the super-secret “real transcript”.

Besides, I thought trump confessed in the transcript he released?? You all don’t like that one??

Why would the word-for-word transcript alluded to in the whistleblower complaint be super-secret?

Schiff pretended to read it to the hearing. He was eventually called out for lying through his teeth and then pretended it was a “parody”.

Schiff is purely evil to be honest about it.

See, they are moving quickly…


Here is letter from September 9th they are referring to in the subpoena today…

Why would fake info concern us?

Sounds about right.