Bernie Sanders is President. What next?

I don’t think he’s got the gravitas to become President, nor do I wish him to be.

But let’s say that a majority of Americans vote him in.

What will those who don’t want a socialist president do? Revolt?

And who exactly are these supposed people who will be revolting?

Well he would be the president I hope he does well, I don’t like a lot of what if anything he stands for although I am sure there is something I like. But I would hope he does well I don’t want the economy to crash or anything like that.

Hopefully the House and Senate have some common sense and stand in the way of MR Sanders idiotic socialist stupidity.

That mans ideas would ruin this country.

That depends on a great many things particularly the partisan shape of congress following his election.

2 years of protests followed by huge republican gains in both houses is the likely outcome.

Then 2 years of stalemate and republicans regain the WH and full control of both houses.

That’s the most likely outcome anyhow.

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Mourn the death of America and hope the Lord returns before the total collapse of society. Hoard food, water and ammunition against the coming economic Armageddon.

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Or the dems retain one house.

Not at all likely.

I’ll use my track record vs yours and sleep just fine.

You have no track record.

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I’m sorry. I thought I made that clear in my OP.

People who don’t want a socialist president.

You mean like one who redistributes wealth by bailing out farmers? :sunglasses:

We’ve managed not to have revolts for most of 245 years over the elections of presidents people didn’t like.

But isn’t the total collapse of society what MUST happen before the Lord returns?

Like Israel being established in the middle of its enemies, this could just be another example of God bringing about the end times.

If you really want the rapture, perhaps you should vote for Sanders.

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More like one who provided relief for farmers hurt by gov’t policy and paid for it with tariffs on Chinese goods.

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My stars n garters

If Sanders wins I predict the democrats will not want to talk about which party is better for the stock market much. Cramer at CNBC will probably gain watchers.



Lol…you are attempting to speculate 5 years out if what could happen.

Literally anything can happen.

Trump has had lower annualized S&P500 returns than Obama. So, what was it you were saying?

Of course I’m speculating based on previous patterns.

Not not “literally anything” can happen.