BERNIE’S PARTY: Sanders Congratulates PROGRESSIVE Dems After Primary Wins | Sean Hannity

Senator Bernie Sanders publicly congratulated a slate of progressive Democrats after a string of primary victories Tuesday; saying their “issue-oriented” campaigns brought people together in a “fight for justice” against President Trump.

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send her and barney–yes barney—to Venezuela to find out what happens when a country becomes socialist.

The only reason she won was there was only 28000 that showed up… I’m sure hoping those stats means a Big Red Wave in the Mid-terms…

Good point.

I don’t think Venezuela is a Democratic socialist country, which is different than socialism. Also, you might want to research how our country (prodded by the deep state globalists who want to take over every country in the world) has interfered with Venezuela which has caused a number of the problems in that country, because they don’t want individual countries to succeed on their own, they want to take control of the world!

Bernie is a Democratic socialist, as in countries like Denmark. If you would take a little time to read about it, you would find that their way of life is far superior to ours, and that is what Bernie is fighting for, and hoping to achieve, to make our country a better place for ALL our citizens! They have capitalism, but it is shared with the workers, not big privately held corporations like here, so it becomes obvious in many ways that their government cares about, and has more respect for their citizens, definitely unlike here! It is considered to be the healthiest and happiest country in the world, and I can understand why! Personally, I think it would be wonderful if the USA decided to rival them for that title, because too many of our citizens are neither happy nor healthy, mainly because their is nothing to look forward to, and there is no short-term hope regarding a better future for senior citizens like myself, but I wish I could at least see a better future for my children and future generations before I die.

Both parties of our government have deep state politicians who accept that corruption in the form of big money to increase their own bank accounts, and screw the rest of us over every day of our lives. I’m not talking about President Trump, because I do believe he is trying to make us a better country, in general, and if he is able to put an end to the deep state, he will be a hero to the entire world! However, until corrupt corporate capitalism is completely eradicated, their dirty money no longer controls our politicians, and lobbyists are put out of business, nothing can ever really improve for the rest of us! We need a government that cares about everyone, because that is what the USA is supposed to be about, and not only the wealthy 1% are important to the survival of this country! They just like to think they are due to their false sense of superiority!

Your perception of western European socialism is skewed by your desire to have it.
The fact is those systems are collapsing under their own inefficiency and fraud.
If there is one constant in the world of socialism, it is doomed to fail.
As the majority of the population becomes accustomed to living off an ever shrinking number of producers. the revenue that feeds the lazy, non producing dead beats eventually is exhausted.
Superior? Hmm. yes, if you’re a slacker. I agree.
The end game is that a nation cannot continue to sanction what is essentially theft of the wealth of those who produce in the name of equality of outcome.

Before you make broad statements such as “read about Denmark, You would find that their way of life is far superior to ours”. Do a little research.
Just 3 out of Denmarks 98 “Districts” have the majority of adults in their workforce.
Unemployment among young people is over 30%.
But…if you like to not work and suck at the taxpayer tit, Denmark is the place for you. See ya!

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I think the personal income tax now in Denmark is now 55.80 percent. Which down a little from 60%.

So what? How much do you think it costs us out of pocket to pay for even our basic public education that is derived from our real estate taxes, never mind college, healthcare, daycare, senior citizen care and other necessities that they never have to worry, or be stressed about paying for? Plus they get great pay, 6-8 weeks of paid vacation a year, one year of paid maternity leave for the mother and also some paid time off for the father, as well, free daycare if the mother wants to go back to work, free healthcare, little to no crime, so no taxpayer dollars go to support something like our private American prisons at around $70 thousand a year per prisoner! It’s no wonder the Danes are considered the healthiest and happiest people in the world!

How can we be called the greatest country in the world when our own government doesn’t care enough about their citizens to provide a healthcare system for all, the way every other major country in the world does? Or why don’t we provide medical help to drug addicts instead of making them into criminals so that we have to pay for their care with our tax dollars, especially when our own government has been responsible for all the drugs coming into the country for the past 30 years or more! Or how corporate capitalism in our country puts profits above people and should be eradicated! Not everything important to the public should be or needs to be politicized, but that is what the globalists want, a divided America, and we are letting them do it to us!

Do you want to know why so many American people are blind to how backwards our country really is, compared to so many others? It is because of all the brainwashing propaganda being used against us by the deep state globalists who own or are major investors in every corrupt corporation in America, especially our mainstream media! The only authentic news I ever hear from any TV station is Fox, even if sometimes it leans a little far to the right. At least they are honest about being conservative, and do provide truth unlike all the other networks that pretend to provide national or world news, but exaggerate or deny whatever their owners do or don’t want the public to know! They never tell the truth about reality in America! Those stations are a disgrace to professional journalists, and an insult to any American with a brain in their head! It is why President Trump refers to it as FAKE news, and he is absolutely right! And believe it or not, I am saying all this as a lifelong democrat who has left the party because of all their lies, thievery and corruption. I didn’t vote a party line in 2016, and I never will again! From now on, I will only vote for someone who runs a grassroots campaign, with no corporate dollars accepted! That way they actually might do the job we the people pay them for, instead of being blinded by dollar signs and selling out their voters to the highest bidder!

Denmark isn’t all what you think it is…

I guess if you take enough anti-depressants it’s a great place to be while escaping reality. Also great if you have no drive and want to slack off.
But, Bernie is a what?! Democratic Socialist? I call BS. As a example if he really was into the Denmark style of governance why did he go to Russia for both honeymoons ? You see, Bernie is a communist. Those that call themselves progressives are at best a socialist (most in the Cuba/Venezuela grain. Those that call themselves a socialist are at best a communist. It’s still not cool to call yourself a communist hear so they co-opt other descriptors.
Only thing I can agree with is getting rid of the “deep state”.

So, please tell me what is wrong in wanting to live in a country that actually cares about its citizens enough to provide conditions that promote a happy and healthy lifestyle, instead of a country always at war, putting our military at risk, or invading all these other countries just so that we can control their oil supply because our government is so corrupt and greedy? How are those things conducive to a happy or healthy, non-fearful life, especially for children? They are not. There are very few times in my 72 years on this planet that the US hasn’t been at war or invading other countries for their natural resources! Why can’t we mind our own business and live in peace rather than trying to take over the rest of the world for no reason. I’m all for helping foreign countries who ask for military assistance, but that generally is not the case, especially Bush’s war against Iraq that wasted trillions of taxpayer dollars just so American corporations could get wealthier and have more control over our country!

Most American television is rubbish in my opinion anyway, since they removed any restrictions that used to be in place to protect children, and most American men are not exactly teatotalers or very sober either! Also, In case you haven’t noticed, every publication people have posted on this page with negative comments about Scandinavian countries or Europe, all seem to be published by liberal media outlets, owned by the deep state globalists.

Why are American people so reluctant to believe there are better places to live than this country? Because we have been completely brainwashed that it is the greatest country in the world? But just because we are brainwashed into believing it, doesn’t make it true! My personal comments also don’t mean I’m un-American or no longer want to be American. It just means that maybe I have more of an open mind to other views and possibilities. Haven’t any of you close-minded people ever traveled to other countries? I have traveled all over western Europe, and it is very charming, historical, artistic, educational, friendly and the natives aren’t restless, unlike here in our country! Because I chose not to be one of the “rude Americans” that they believe are all alike, most of the time I was treated like someone very special, with much respect, kindness and friendliness! Sadly, that is not always true when foreigners come to visit America!

So why do you assume that one would need anti-depressants, or would only find a beautiful country comfortable as an escape from reality? Also, you are the second one who has implied that I must be a lazy slacker for being an advocate of Democratic socialism, which is about the furthest thing from the truth! Leaning how to appreciate life and family does not have to mean someone isn’t ambitious or doesn’t want to work! All that garbage is just more corporate American propaganda! Everyone is entitled to have fun, enjoy life and the pursuit of happiness is built right into our Constitution! When you travel to Europe, you realize what unhappy, unhealthy lives we live on a daily basis in this country, that allows for no relaxation or real pleasure in our everyday hectic and stressful lives! We no longer take time to smell the roses, probably because no one here has time to even plant them anymore!

I find it interesting that you think because someone might have ever visited Russia more than once that they MUST be a communist. I don’t know if what you said about Bernie going there twice for a honeymoon is true or not, and it shouldn’t matter because it is no one’s business where someone goes for their honeymoon! My uncle wasn’t a communist, but he went to visit Russia with my aunt, and they said parts of what they saw were so beautiful! There is a lot of interesting history in Russia, so that doesn’t mean a person has to be a communist to go there! My God, think about how narrow-minded you are if you believe that! Talk about being brainwashed by false information! I feel very sorry for you not being able to think for yourself!

I did do some research, and I’ve seen for myself what I believe to be true. That is my prerogative, just like it is your choice to believe the brainwashing propaganda that our government wants you to to believe. Yes, maybe my desire to have a decent, happy, simple lifestyle with no financial stress for what few years I might have left is skewing my thinking, but I certainly don’t see anything wrong with that! No matter what, it still certainly sounds much more pleasant than the lives of the working class, senior citizens and the other poorest people in this country that have no hope or anything to look forward to for their future! However, your assumption that we are all lazy slackers and deadbeats is completely uncalled for. Wanting to be appreciated by our government for a long hardworking life is certainly not indicative of someone who is lazy! But when our own government implies that we are nothing but a necessary annoyance and don’t deserve to have a decent minimum wage, benefits, healthcare coverage, or a better future, what in hell is the point of being here?
We elect government officials who are supposed to work for the good of the people who elected them, not to line their own pockets! They are supposed to pass laws that “we the people” want, for the good of the country, not for the good of corporations trying to kill us off for the benefit of the deep state! We pay elected politicians a very good salary, much more than the average American makes, which means they are supposed to work for US, their constituents, not for the advantage of the big corporations who don’t contribute much of the money that goes into the general fund they are paid from! Are you aware of how much our elected officials actually earn from us, or that they are allowed to give themselves raises, and whatever else they feel like taking advantage of out of our taxpayer dollars, while they only work about 6 months out of the year? Are you aware that they get lifetime wages along with the best healthcare available, secret service protection, and benefits as long as they live whether they are retired or not? These are some of the reasons the country is in debt, not because we MIGHT have to feed too many STARVING people once in awhile that you think of as being lazy! And yet, members of our Congress have the audacity to tell the working class that we don’t deserve more than a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour, or don’t deserve benefits or healthcare, but yet we are expected to pay for THEM to get all of that and so much more? WHY? Rather hypocritical don’t you think? Maybe if they had to take a huge cut in pay they might understand what it is like to be poor, or down on your luck, which can happen to anyone, at anytime with absolutely no warning; but probably not, because most of them have gotten very wealthy by accepting those huge bribes from big corporations and lobbyists to make sure the working class stays poor and stupid!

So just because you don’t see the truth of what I’m saying about our country, don’t try to switch the narrative to the fact that you think anyone who believes in democratic socialism must be a lazy freeloader, and don’t you dare call me a deadbeat or a slacker, because I am not and never have been! I have worked my ass off all my life starting at age 13, and am now only a semi-retired 72 year old! I just happen to believe in a few things called EQUALITY, FAIRNESS & JUSTICE, words probably not in your vocabulary, or that of many government officials for that matter! Also, apparently, you didn’t read everything I wrote, so excuse me, while I explain how I have one of those taxpayer tits being sucked on, always with the same result that continually SCREWS our own citizens!

In my previous post I was discussing what I believe is a better way to run a country, a better form of government which could create a better lifestyle for everyone, my own ideology, as well as Bernie’s. I can do this because I am old enough to remember how much better our country used to be, as when I was growing up post WWII, but you probably know nothing about that. So, yes, I’m entitled to believe how nice it could have been to have more than 2 weeks paid vacation a year, if any at all, or have paid maternity leave and adequate childcare available so I could go back to work with the secure knowledge that my child was being well taken care of, instead of having to worry about all of the ones who end up being used by sex traffickers or child abusers! Or having the conflict about whether it is lucrative enough to go back to work at all due to the high cost of daycare! It would have been nice to have adequate healthcare, which I do not believe should be provided by an employer, but by medicare for all, provided by the government so every person is covered, especially young children with severe diseases, many of whom die too young because their family has NO healthcare and can’t afford one! That does not mean that I expect it to be free, only available to everyone, because it seems, unlike you, I am willing to share with people who are even less fortunate than myself. I believe that at this time of my life, that I should not have to worry about having enough social security to live on because our government, in its infinite wisdom decided it needed to be taxed a second time around, when I start receiving it! It is money that is a result of contributions I made from my life’s earnings which were taxed when I earned them, which means it’s double taxation in case you don’t know, which is also why we fought for independence from the British in the Revolutionary War!

Denmark told Sanders to quit calling their countries socialists that they were market economies.

72 years on this planet and you haven’t learned much about it’s people yet? Really?
You ranted a bit here so I’ll point a few things out…
The anti-depressant numbers are from Denmark, look this up.
Socialism is the best system for the lazy person, and why not? Your guaranteed to have your needs taken care of until your not. You should be happy but they are in reality not. Instead of going into a rant about that topic, educate yourself on it if you really are open minded, you’ll get a better understanding.
See, The scandinavian countries are in mass debt, just like we are (but worse) due to overspending and trying to emulate some of the functions of the socialist countries. Even on the much smaller scale than the US, they can’t make it work. Even the Danish don’t like to be called socialist, wonder why?
Now the Burn, listen to what he says and watch what he does. He’s a commie. Hey, maybe you never built any businesses in your life time or amassed a semblance of wealth. But, true… others have been there that I wouldn’t call a commie, but the Burn is.
If this wasn’t the greatest country, why do the majority of those outside it want in? Ever stop to think that is why folks think this?
Yah, Europe and even the middle east and china have some great history but there is no freedom and their government suck way more than ours does, even under Obama it was better than the rest, that’s saying something considering how low a bar he set. Those countries don’t have those rights as set in our constitution.
Everyone has the right IN OUR COUNTRY to pursuit of happiness etc, just not the right to have someone else pay for it. So, stop asking!
Well, after reading a few more of your posts I don’t think you’ll ever get past your entitlement issues. I for one am glad I live in a country where risk is rewarded and failure is not (not supposed to be anyways). I’m also old enough to remember what this country was like and how “our” generation wrecked it and put us into this current situation. I also watched as the free love, drug etc generation (our’s again) polluted the minds of those that followed, destroyed our once great education system. I can go on about the failures of the boomers, a some successes also.
Lastly, there are many men and woman in the US who don’t feel the need to alter their reality with drugs or booze. Hey, I even still work because I enjoy it, and I have a very nice garden to boot.
Good luck finding happiness, You won’t find it in the government… anywhere.

I am just going to make a couple of rebuttal comments, because some things that you said are not true at all, and there is a lot of misinformation in your statements! First of all there is a big difference between a social democracy and communism, and Bernie is definitely not a “commie” but believes in a social democracy, as do I and many other Americans! Simply stated, it means that all people are treated fairly, equally and respectfully. Now our Constitution states the same thing regarding Americans, but everyone here knows it’s completely meaningless. We have no real justice for all, no equality and nothing to show for our efforts as hardworking Americans because all the money goes to a very few very wealthy people! Maybe people from other countries want to come here because they have heard the same propaganda we have heard all our lives, or perhaps because their own country is at war, or has sadistic rulers
There are some things in this country that already do exist as part of a social democracy, our public schools, our national highway system, things that are available for the use of everyone, all of which was put in place by FDR! What do you think Social Security and Medicare are? Unfortunately, the balance of our US system is not working for ALL our citizens!
Also, I HAVE done a lot of research about Denmark, it is not a socialist country, and it is a country that does not have lazy people. They are considered the happiest and HEALTHIEST people in the world! They don’t drive cars most of the time, they ride bicycles to work and everywhere they can. Yes, they pay higher tax rates than we do, but that money goes to pay for their healthcare, education, retirement, etc, for the good of every citizen in their country, not just a select few like we have here! Danes are not getting anything for FREE! We all pay taxes here, but what good does it do for us other than staying out of jail! We get no real benefit as individuals, though big corporations that don’t need more revenue get federal subsidies (corporate welfare) from our taxes, and our elected officials also receive every advantage of our tax dollars! They get 6 figure salaries, the best healthcare available, great fringe benefits, but yet very few of them are willing to vote for the rest of us to have some of those same benefits. They don’t want to increase the minimum wage, they don’t want us to have decent healthcare unless we pay through the nose for it! Why do you think that is, do they think they are better than us? Apparently they do!
Everyone in western Europe receives a much better public school education than our kids do! And free higher education, again through their tax payments, and there are enough professional positions to allow them to utilize their education, unlike here, where so many young people go to college, accumulate huge debts, and then can’t find a job! Denmark has a market economy, like capitalism, but they are not run by one big overpaid CEO who gets huge bonuses for knowing how to fire people, cut costs, and be corrupt! Denmark actually cares about their citizens, and realizes that treating their workforce well makes them more productive, not lazy, because good mental and physical health are necessary for all humans to be strong and work to full capabilities! Lastly, there is little to NO CRIME there! Our country has more people incarcerated than any other country in the world. That either implies we have more crime than anyone else, or we have too many For-Profit prisons that our government also subsidizes, so to make a profit, those prisons have to be kept full, meaning a lot of phony manipulation by our justice system!

Blah blah blah…Hey, Socialist western Europe awaits you. BYE

Oh, great. An Objectivist.