BERNIE’S LESSON: Amazon Cuts Bonuses, Stock Options After Minimum Wage Hike | Sean Hannity

Online retail giant Amazon is cutting back on bonuses and other stock options for its warehouse workers after it raised its minimum wage for all employees to at least $15 an hour; a sharp rebuke of Sen. Bernie Sanders public crusade against one of the nation’s largest corporations.

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As a hardcore socialist, Bernie has always been clueless about how the real world works. There are always trade-offs both in business and in life. If Bernie had any real world experience he might have known this. Unfortunately , he is so blinded by Marxist dogma that,like our new generation of socialists, he believes that there is some kind of magical bottomless Santa sack that government and employers can use to “give” people everything they demand. It has not worked anywhere else in the world, yet they think that they can make it work here. Sounds like the definition of insanity to me.

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The reality of it is that those “Warehouse Employees” were likely a few higher tier Supervisors and Management. I highly doubt the vast majority–rank and file floor selectors-- were getting anything special. Nice attempt to twist it, though. Standard tactic–conversion of the truth to fit the republican dogma.