BERNIE’S BILLIONS: Sanders Unveils Anti-Amazon ‘STOP BEZOS ACT’

Originally published at: BERNIE’S BILLIONS: Sanders Unveils Anti-Amazon ‘STOP BEZOS ACT’ | Sean Hannity

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders escalated his all-out war on Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Wednesday; officially unveiling his ‘Stop Bezos Act’ that would impose a 100% tax on government benefits received by their full-time employees.

“Sen. Bernie Sanders unveiled legislation on Wednesday targeting pay and working conditions at big companies like Amazon, after the pair traded jabs in blog posts last week,” writes Fox Business.

“Called the ‘Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Out Subsidies’ Act, or Stop BEZOS Act, the bill would impose a 100 percent welfare tax on large employers equal to the amount that their workers receive in public assistance benefits, in an effort to encourage companies to raise wages,” adds the author.

Amazon released a rare political statement last week blasting Sen. Sanders; accusing the left-wing lawmaker of “misleading” the public over their working conditions and wages.

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