BERNIE’S BACKLASH: Team Trump BLASTS Sanders’ Plan to Allow ‘Terrorists, Murderers’ to Vote

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President Trump’s re-election campaign unloaded on Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders newest radical proposal Wednesday; blasting his plan to permit convicted “terrorists and murderers” to vote from prisons across the country.

“The extremity and radicalism of the 2020 Democrats knows no bounds,” said Trump campaign press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

“Giving imprisoned terrorists, sex offenders, and murderers the right to vote is an outrageous proposal that is deeply offensive to innocent victims across this country, some of whom lost their lives and are forever disenfranchised by the very killers that 2020 Democrats seek to empower,” she added.

Senator Sanders stunned viewers during a televised town hall event Monday when he said the Boston Marathon bomber and other convicted mass murderers should “have the right to vote” while incarcerated.

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