Bernie: No teacher in America will make less than $60,000 per year

The schools are funded by local levies and state grants. How the hell does he propose to do this? A federal takeover of the schools? Take away local control and give total control to the feds? Good Lord, what a nightmare. Who wants a Washington bureaucrat in charge of their local school? :face_vomiting:


“But Jesus, can’t we just give our money to the Romans and let them do it for us!?”


I believe, with the current attitude towards teachers, $60K isn’t enough.

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Do the feds take over schools? If not, how is this enforced?

So, $90k a year when compared to a normal work schedule.

I’m not really opposed to that salary. But the problem with teacher pay isn’t funding, its oversight.

We have more “administrators” that make more than the teachers while providing very little educational benefit to the system.

Cut the “management” and divert their salaries to the teachers.


I’d have no issue paying this but with some reforms to make sure people arent that secure in their jobs.

Granted firing a teacher isnt that hard…

Absolutely. They cut classroom aids, sports, band and bus service before they touch administrators. They work too closely with the important people. Untouchable.

Do the feds take over schools? If not, how is this enforced? Make them all federal employees?

I mean, we pay more per student than any other country if memory serves. How much of that actually makes it down to the school level? And how much is lost as “administrative” costs?

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It’s pretty crazy. Our district has a "public relations/ media relations officer. She’s kind of like a press secretary for the school. And she has two assistants. Why do we need this crap? It’s nuts.


I’d assume he would take the funding from doe and move it for that instead of emergencies? Or just funnel from other places to bump up pay for people.

Did he say he would federally mandate it, or was it more aspirational?

He said he would do it. Of course he left out specifics. And of course, nobody asked.

I agree.

It’s certainly part of it.

If I was ruler for a day, before I increased any funding I would cut the district positions at least in 1/2. Then divert that money to teacher pay and school programs and see where we stood.

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“Well, Peter, if you implement a representative democracy then you are effectively Caesar, so you better ■■■■■■■ take care of the poor and the widows through your policy.”

Lame. Womp womp. lol


Do the feds take over control of the schools? If not, how is this enforced?

Why do teachers feel they deserve a pay raise above what the free market would otherwise set? Why should my tax dollars pay a teacher 60k a year when currently they make do with nearly half that. This seems like a bad deal for tax payers.