Bernie has some, err, "milk maids" join him on stage

Right…they’re well taken care of. Let say you need a herd average of 14,600 average just to break even…you would be sweet talking into cows ear to produce that 18 thousand pounds. :wink:

Yup, singing them lullabies if that’s what works lol.

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Growing up on dairy farm those cows got pampered.

I spent a lot of time there growing up, got some great memories learning how to drive a tractor and stuff. Bailed some hay when I got older. That’ll toughen you up lol.

They even get pampered on the final trip into the kill box at the slaughter house.

Much thought and design has gone into designing stress free slaughter approach systems for cattle and swine. Stress on the animal at slaughter can have a bad effect on the resulting meat.

Good job, ladies. You sure showed them a thing or two. :rofl:

Where is the video? I feel a need to check the veracity of this story for some reason. :slight_smile:

Precisely…if you’re going to slaughter bunch of chicks don’t kill em in front of other chickens. Make them think they have gone to better place.


badump bump chinggggg!

That is EXACTLY how it used to be done in some slaughterhouses.

The cows waiting could not see the actual slaughter of the cows ahead of them, but could see their dead buddies hanging from a hook and heading down the line. :smile:

In modern facilities, they can see nothing, even once they step into the kill box.

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