Bernie has some, err, "milk maids" join him on stage

Something a little lighter for a change. :smile:

Bernie was joined on stage in Nevada by three topless women, one who made a brief statement in the microphone before the sound was cut off and two who poured milk over their bare breasts.

Evidently they were carrying on about subsidies to the dairy industry. I actually agree with the women. I guess they got their point across.

Fortunately they had a portable defibrillator nearby for poor Bernie. :rofl:

What is it with them with their attacks on dairy farms…what do they have against the farmers?

They are actually opposing subsidies.

I believe all subsidies, dairy, sugar, etc, should be ended. Not the way I would have gone about making the point, but I actually agree with them.

Because how one produces milk is kind of inhumane to the cows.
and if your into animal right its a major issue.

The comments the one made seem to indicate they opposed milk subsidies, not the production of milk itself.

It ain’t the subsidies that animal rights are attacking. Now having said that I agree subsidies is bad.

well the dairy industry would collapse without subsides.

I am just going by what the girl said at the microphone. Not sure what she fully supports, just going by what I heard. :smile:

The dairy industry IS collapsing and has been for a while.

The model of small family dairies is unsustainable, subsidies are just buying time.

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Well I heard that idiot as Oscars railing against dairy industry. Just for that I bought gallon of choc milk.

Milk is a major source of calcium- I think that cutting out milk entirely would be bad. Perhaps they could treat the cows more ethically rather than not have them on a farm at all? I don’t know much about cow physiology, but maybe while the cow is pregnant with her calf, the milk could be harvested then and then once the calf is born, the milk should all go to the calf.

I went to a white coat mass yesterday (partially for networking) and they had an all-vegan bar. Everything had a really sour, pickle-y taste…much of it, probably soy. I’m not sure if going vegan would be the best idea, even if taking vitamin supplements to get that extra boost that one can only get from red meat and dairy.

No, that is not how it works.

It’s about milk production, stress dairy cow doesn’t produce. In order to raise your herd average up cows need a stable calm environment, quality feed and controlled temperature.

And finally…you bottle feed the calves and ween them off ASAP, Now two things you can do with em, sell them off to stock market for veal, raise the healthy cavs for herd replacement or fatten em yourself and slaughter em for your own freezer or take em to stock market.


The cows on my uncle’s and grandfather’s dairy farms were treated like royalty, nothing inhumane about it by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe the factory farms are inhumane, it wouldn’t surprise me with ten thousand head of cattle at some of them.

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Ah okay. See, I don’t know much, if any at all. :wink:

That seems pretty efficient and ethical the way it is. The cows get to live in a relatively mild lifestyle, until they are too old to produce. Then it’s to the butcher.

Small/Mid farm are the most humane.
the larger the farm the less tender care the animal get.

Dairy cows are pretty much the most coddled livestock there is.,


Stressed cows produce less milk, it doesn’t make any sense from a business standpoint.

Well age doesn’t have anything to do if they go butcher or not.

Which cow are you going to keep? The cow that produce 18 thousand pound of milk per cycle or cow that produce 12 thousand pounds thus lowers your herd average?

If you’re wanting to bring up that herd average the ones that aren’t producing goes to stock market. So their life depends on producing milk if they want to know what’s good for em. :wink:

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I worked both ends of the traditional dairy farm scene. I grew up on a traditional Pennsylvania dairy farm, then started my early career managing a slaughter house that primarily processed dairy cows that had reached the end of their useful life.

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There are actually some interesting developments occurring on the factory farm side of things in the dairy industry.