BERNIE: ‘France Provides Generous Retirement Benefits, Why Can’t We?’ | Sean Hannity

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders continued to double-down on his calls for far-left socialist policies across America Wednesday afternoon; asking why “the wealthiest country on Earth” can’t provide “free healthcare” and “free tuition.”

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Bernie needs to take a good look at the conditions in these countries, both financially and socially, before touting these things. And he needs to stop rejecting the bad news as right wing lies. I have lived in some of these countries and know from experience that things are not as rosy as he claims. In France, they even restrict the number of hours you can work so you don’t make more than someone else. In Norway, if your doctor finds a new drug that can save your life but the government won’t pay for it, you are not allowed to pay for it yourself and you can be jailed if you go to another country to get it because it is not commonly available to all. They would rather you die. In Britain, they ration government paid healthcare. Elderly and chronically ill are denied care unless they can pay for it themselves because, after all, they will die soon anyway. Personally, I would rather not live in Bernies perfect world.