BERNIE EXPLODES: Sanders Says Trump a ‘RACIST’ Dividing Country by ‘Color of Our Skin’ | Sean Hannity

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders exploded on President Trump Monday; viciously saying the Commander-in-Chief is a “racist” intentionally trying to divide the United States “by the color of our skin.”

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Bernie doesn’t even know what a racist is. And the only ones who are slinging that word around non stop, are the Democrats.

this racist crap is so old give it up ya old dusty communist, it aint working anymore

With Liz Pocahontas Warren,. Kirstin( Hillary Clinton’s pet rock) Gillinbrand, Kamala( You will give me the answers I want to hear) Harris announcing their intentions to run for POTUS, it is my most sincere hope that Sanders throws his hat into the ring.
Here’s the scenario. Once again, the democrats will see an opportunity to grab the white house and shove a female, hopefully as radical left as possible with the notion this will allow them to corner the “vagina vote”… Sanders shows up and throws the entire democrat plan into chaos. Run Bernie, Run!