BERNIE: Convicted Murderers Should Have the Right to Vote, ‘Paying the Price’ in Prison Enough Punishment

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Speaking during his televised Town Hall event on Fox News Monday evening, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said convicted murderers should be allowed to vote from prison “no matter what kind of terrible things they did.”

“Good question. In my state, I recently researched this. It turns out that in our Constitution in the state of Vermont for hundreds of years everybody has the right to vote.” Sanders said. “I think you make this division, if somebody does something terrible, they’re a rapist or a murderer we send them away. Sometimes we send them away for life, but I also think that integral to who we are as Americans no matter what kind of terrible things you did, you’re paying the price. Maybe you’re in jail for the rest of your life, but you have the right to vote.”

“Every American 18 of age or older who’s a citizen in this country has the right to vote,” he added.