Bernie Campaign deports conservatives out of his rally for no reason. I guess they do believe walls and border control for some people

Do you consider Infowars a legitimate news source?

Those are legitimate but partisan news sources, like Fox News. Infowars is not.

Probably. If they keep it up for the next decade or so they’ll match Fox News’ never-ending coverage of Hillary Clinton’s imminent indictment.

Do you consider hypocrisy a virtue?

Let her in anyways because…reasons.

No. Do you consider Infowars a legitimate news source?

No. Are they a news source?

Well you want to tell the Democrat lawmakers that since they don’t seem to be getting he message!

Prove it. Evidence please.

No, I don’t consider them a news source, hence my comment. They’re willing to lie and promote false conspiracy theories for political reasons. That’s my definition of fake news. CNN and Fox are partisan, but they are news sources that try to get basic facts correct.

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How about Huffington Post?

I know very little about HuffPo other than it’s also partisan. As far as I know they haven’t promoted hateful and provably false conspiracy theories. Why do you ask?

Same level as Info Wars.

If you say so. Has HuffPo promoted hateful and provably false conspiracy theories as Infowars has done? Is HuffPo run by a genuine lunatic as Infowars is? (These are real questions. I don’t know the answers, and you seem to know a lot about HuffPo.)


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Do you have a link to such a thing? Who runs HuffPo?

So Infowars is now a reputable Conservative news source? Just checking.

There’s false equivalency and then there’s whatever this is.

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Example of huff po claiming something similar to sandy hook dead kids were paid actors?

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