BEN GOES BERSERK: Sen. Sasse Viciously Attacks Sean Hannity, Forgets Countless Interviews | Sean Hannity

Anti-Trump crusader and Nebraska GOP Senator Ben Sasse set his sights on Sean Hannity this week; accusing him of “grotesque distortions” in his new book while failing to disclose countless interviews where the Republican widely-agreed with the Fox News host.

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US Voters should run bastard Senators like Ben Sasse out of office. Considering President Trump’s political strategy has already produced a robust economy and lowest unemployment since 1969 and beaten ISIS and Korea in two years, any Senator that opposes the Trump administration should be take out of office, tarred and feathers and pissed upon, the jailed for treason against the People of the United States of America.

It is clear that President Trump’s policies are good for American employment, the economy, national security, personal taxes, company taxes, reducing government spending and debt. The trump government is pro-Constitution and therefore the only administration that is actually compliant with America’s Law of the land that: all persons in America including government must uphold the Constitution.

Any American either side of the isle who opposes the Trump administration is in fact in treason against the people of the USA.It is time to drain the communist swamp in the opposition parties also. The First Amendment did not give Americans the right to tear their Constitution and President apart if that President was doing everything right.

I do believe the US Constitution allows aggrieved parties to sue people for making false statements. I would like to see false accusers in and out of politics jailed for false public statements because in fact they do massive damage to the people of the USA who don’t have time to find out if they speak the truth.